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Caroline Leaf
Born (1946-08-12) August 12, 1946 (age 69)
Seattle, United States
Occupation Film director
Years active 1969 - 1995

Caroline Leaf (born August 12, 1946 in Seattle, Washington) is a Canadian-American filmmaker and animator.

Leaf made her first film, Sand, or Peter and the Wolf, in 1968 at Harvard University. The short was made by dumping sand on a light box and manipulating the textures frame-by-frame.

Her second film, Orfeo (1972), had her painting directly on glass under the camera. Later that year she was invited to join the National Film Board of Canada's English Animation Studio.

She mixed paint with glycerine to produce The Street, adapted from the short story of the same name by Mordechai Richler, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 49th Academy Awards.[1]

From 1981 until 1986, she worked on various live action documentary films. In 1986, she produced her first animation in nearly a decade by scratching on 70mm color film and reshooting it on 35mm. "Two Sisters" (1990) won the award for best short film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 1991.[2] In 2004 she co-directed "Suite for freedom" (her part was called "Slavery"). It was included in the Animation Show of Shows in 2004.

She worked as an animator/director at the NFB until 1991.

In 1991 she left animation temporarily to work on documentary films.

In 2004 she contributed animation to a film about the Underground Railroad.

Caroline Leaf currently lives in London and is a tutor at The National Film and Television School.


  • 1969 Sand or Peter and the Wolf
  • 1972 Orfeo
  • 1972 How Beaver stole fire
  • 1974 The owl who married a goose
  • 1976 The Street
  • 1977 The metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa
  • 1979 Interview
  • 1981 Kate and Anna McGarrigle
  • 1981 The right to refuse
  • 1982 An equal opportunity
  • 1983 Pies
  • 1985 The owl and the pussycat
  • 1986 The fox and the tiger
  • 1986 A dog's tale
  • 1990 Two Sisters
  • 1991 I Met a Man
  • 1991 MTV Bees
  • 1992 Bell Partout
  • 1994 Fleay's Fauna Centre
  • 1995 Brain Battle
  • 1995 Radio Rock Détente
  • 1996 Drapeau Canada
  • 1998 Absolut Leaf
  • 2001 Odysseus & the Olive Tree
  • 2004 Slavery

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