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Caroline Mikkelsen raising the flag of Norway at a cairn on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Antarctica.

Caroline Mikkelsen (1906 – late 1990s), was the first woman to set foot on Antarctica. She was born in Denmark.[1] In the winter of 1934-1935, she accompanied her Norwegian husband,[2] Captain Klarius Mikkelsen, on an expedition sponsored by Lars Christensen. On 20 February 1935, the expedition made landfall at the Vestfold Hills[3] near the present Davis Station.[1] Mikkelsen left the ship and participated in building a memorial cairn.[4]

Mount Caroline Mikkelsen is named for her.[5]

Historical doubt[edit]

In 1997, three Australian researchers published a historical article casting doubt on claims that the Christensen-sponsored expedition—and thus Mikkelsen—landed on the Antarctic mainland (rather than on an island).[6]


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