Caroline Powell

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Caroline Powell
Caroline powell lenamore dairy farm burghley 2010.jpg
Personal information
NationalityNew Zealand
Born14 March 1973
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Height156 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Weight60 kg (132 lb)
Country New Zealand
Achievements and titles
World finals2006, 2010
Olympic finals2008, 2012

Caroline Powell (born 14 March 1973) is a New Zealand equestrian.[1] At the 2012 Summer Olympics she won the bronze medal in Team eventing. She was born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and lives in Suffolk, East Anglia.[1][2]

Powell has represented New Zealand in two Olympic Games and two World Games, where she won a bronze team medal in 2010. Also in 2010, she won the Burghley Horse Trials.[3]

CCI 4* Results[edit]

Event Kentucky Badminton Luhmühlen Burghley Pau Adelaide
2004 14th (Softly Softly III)
2005 14th (Lenamore)

WD (Softly Softly III)

5th (Lenamore)
2006 36th (Lenamore)
2007 12th (Lenamore) 23rd (Lenamore)
2008 4th (Lenamore)

22nd (Mac Macdonald)

2009 9th (Lenamore) 6th (Lenamore)
2010 5th (Lenamore) 1st, gold medalist(s) (Lenamore)
2011 6th (Lenamore)

31st (Boston Two Tip)

15th (Mrs Tilly) 4th (Lenamore)52nd (Mrs Tilly) 22nd (Boston Two Tip)
2012 14th (Boston Two Tip) 8th (Onwards and Upwards)
2013 21st (Onwards and Upwards)33rd (Boston Two Tip) 23rd (Onwards and Upwards)
2014 WD (Onwards and Upwards)
2015 EL (Onwards and Upwards)
2016 8th (Onwards and Upwards) 26th (Spice Sensation)27th (Flying Finish)
2017 WD (Sinatra Frank Baby)

RET (Spice Sensation)

29th (Spice Sensation)WD (Onwards and Upwards) 17th (Up Up and Away)RET (On The Brash)
2018 29th (On The Brash)

31st (Up Up And Away)

EL = Eliminated; RET = Retired; WD = Withdrew

Notable Horses[edit]

  • Lenamore - 1993 Gray Irish Sport Horse Gelding (Sea Crest x Valiyar)
    • 2006 World Equestrian Games - Team Sixth Place, Individual 26th Place
    • 2008 Beijing Olympics - Team Fifth Place, Individual 16th Place
    • 2010 Burghley CCI**** Winner
    • 2012 London Olympics - Team Bronze Medal, Individual 29th Place
  • Cathpair High Hopes - 2001 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding (Accondy x Royal Fountain)
    • 2007 FEI Eventing Young Horse World Championships - Eighth Place
  • Mac Macdonald - 2000 Chestnut Gelding (Blaze of Gold)
    • 2010 World Equestrian Games - Team Bronze Medal, Individual 22nd Place


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