Caroline Spencer Forrester

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Caroline Spencer Forrester
Joanna Johnson as Caroline Spencer Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Joanna Johnson
Duration 1987–90, 2001
First appearance March 23, 1987
Last appearance January 5, 2001
Created by William J. Bell
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Editor-in-chief of Eye On Fashion

Caroline Spencer Forrester is a fictional character from the American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. The role was played by Joanna Johnson from March 23, 1987 to early July 1990. She returned as a ghost In 2001 (as herself). Johnson also plays Caroline's identical twin sister, Karen Spencer.

The character is introduced as a sweet and virginal young woman who becomes strong-willed and even self-serving as she is betrayed by the men in her life and by her best friend; but she finds true compassion and selflessness as she dies from leukemia.[1]


Caroline first appeared as the daughter of publishing tycoon Bill Spencer, engaged to the playboy fashion designer, Ridge Forrester, the son of Eric and Stephanie, who founded and run the prestigious Los Angeles design house where Ridge works. But Bill strongly disapproves of this match. Just before the wedding ceremony, Bill tells Caroline that he had Ridge followed and knows for a fact that he slept with another woman just a week before. She is nevertheless determined to go through with the wedding, but collapses on her way down the aisle. She is rushed to the hospital, where an idolizing young woman from the Valley, Brooke Logan, visits and befriends her. After she is released, she estranges herself from Ridge and moves into her own apartment.

Caroline is still married to Thorne when she realizes she never stopped loving Ridge. She is devastated when Brooke reveals she is pregnant by Ridge but determined to make her move on him when they announce their wedding date. Brooke has a miscarriage, which leaves Ridge to make a free choice between the two women. After spending some time alone, he chooses Caroline. Ridge and Caroline marry in January 1990. The two of them are happy for about six months.

Only six months into the marriage, Caroline is diagnosed with leukemia and has only months to live. She keeps her illness a secret, wanting to have as much unclouded happiness with Ridge as possible before she dies. Brooke, who ran Caroline's blood test, knows about the illness. She believes Ridge should know, too, and asks Caroline's oncologist, Dr. Taylor Hamilton-Hayes, to break the news to him. Caroline had already made it clear to Dr. Hayes that she did not want Ridge to find out, and Taylor relayed that information to Brooke and asked her not to tell Ridge. Determined to be there for Ridge, Brooke tells him anyway against Caroline's dying wishes. Ridge is devastated. As a sign of his everlasting love, he gives Caroline a charm bracelet, each charm representing the wedding anniversaries they will be missing.

In her final few weeks, she encourages Brooke and Ridge to spend time together. Caroline believes that only Brooke can console Ridge after her death and chooses her as his second wife. Meanwhile, Ridge divulges Caroline's illness to his family and to Bill, who is particularly devastated. Ridge's sister, Felicia, throws a party for Caroline, who uses it as an opportunity to send a message to those she loves. She matches the dancing couples according to how she thinks they should be matched in their lives.

Before her death, Caroline tells Brooke and Ridge they should reunite after she is gone; but Brooke is set to marry Eric, whose child she had just delivered. Ridge fell in love with Taylor, and ends up marrying her.

Caroline's twin sister[edit]

When Joanna Johnson returned to the show, she did so as Caroline's identical twin sister, Karen, who originally goes by the name of Faith Roberts. This twin sister had never been mentioned previously, and a new background story was created for her. She was kidnapped as an infant and whisked away to Texas, where her parents never found her. Taylor's ex-husband, Blake Hayes, finally discovers her and uses her to lure Ridge away from Taylor, with whom he wants to reunite. The plot fails; but Karen stays in town and provides the impetus for more storylines, including one in which she and Thorne fall in love. Johnson left the show again later, but she has returned many times to play Karen and even once to play Caroline's ghost (see above).



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