Caron, Saskatchewan

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Caron is a hamlet in Saskatchewan, Canada, located on the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway, 26 kilometres west of Moose Jaw. It has a population of 120.

Location: 50.4592N -105.8692

Caron was originally a CPR siding in 1882, named after Sir Adolphe Caron, then Canadian Minister for Militia and Defense.

Although associated with the BCATP, RCAF Station Caron was located 3 km north east of Caron. The former station is now the community of Caronport, (The name "Caronport" combines "Caron" and "airport".) There is no trace of the former runways or taxiways and the airfield is closed to all traffic, some of the buildings are now the property of the Briercrest Family of Schools.


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Coordinates: 50°27′31″N 105°52′23″W / 50.45861°N 105.87306°W / 50.45861; -105.87306