Carondelet Reef

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Carondelet Reef
Location of Phoenix Islands
Location of Phoenix Islands
Summit depth1.8 metres
Locationcentral Pacific Ocean
GroupPhoenix Islands
Coordinates05°34′S 173°51′W / 5.567°S 173.850°W / -5.567; -173.850Coordinates: 05°34′S 173°51′W / 5.567°S 173.850°W / -5.567; -173.850
Discovery date1899
Carondelet Reef at south of Phoenix group

Carondelet Reef is a horseshoe-shaped reef of the Phoenix Islands, also known as the Rawaki Islands, in the Republic of Kiribati. It is located 106 km southeast of Nikumaroro, at 05°34′S 173°51′W / 5.567°S 173.850°W / -5.567; -173.850, and has a least depth of 1.8 meters. It is reported to be approximately 1.5 km in length.[1] The sea occasionally breaks over it.

History and Name[edit]

Carondelet Reef was named after the vessel which reported it in about 1899.[2]

The multiple positions of Winslow Reef, mentioned by Robert Louis Stevenson, may have been due to confusing the position of Carondelet Reef with Winslow Reef.


The reef is part of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area as an underwater nature reserve.

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