Carpathian Shepherd Dog

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Carpathian Shepherd
A Carpathian Shepherd
Other namesCiobănesc Românesc Carpatin, Romanian Shepherd, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd, Câine Ciobănesc Carpatin, Carpathian Sheepdog, Carpathian Shepherd, Carpatin, Romanian Carpatin Herder; obsolete: Rumanian Carpathian
Weight Male 32–80 kg (71–176 lb)
Height Male 65 to 73 centimetres (26 to 29 in)
Female 59 to 67 centimetres (23 to 26 in)
Coat Rough, abundant and straight
Life span 12-14 years
Classification / standards
FCI Group 1 Herding dogs, Section 1 Sheepdogs #350 standard
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Carpathian Shepherd Dog (Ciobănesc Românesc Carpatin) is a breed of large sheep dogs that originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.[1]


Alfred Edmund Brehm (1829-1885) in (Animal's Life) wrote about these dogs. The first data regarding the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was recorded in the Veterinary Science Magazine, year XV, No. 2.

In March 1998, a group of fans of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog founded the Carpathian Shepherd Dogs Club. The club was later renamed the National Club of Carpathian Shepherd Dog Breeders. The club observed that there many Carpathians in Rucăr, Argeş County that are considered ancestors of today's Carpathians.

In March 2003, at Bistriţa, an important conference of the factors involved in the Romanian breeds took place. On July 6, 2005 in Buenos Aires, the approved the provisional homologation of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog.

It is theorized (although not proven) that the various Carpathian Shepherd Dog breeds, as with other livestock guardian and Mountain dog breeds, are descendant from dogs that were developed somewhere around 9,000 years ago in Mesopotamia following the domestication of sheep and goats in the same area.


The breed has a life expectancy of about 12-14 years.


A very devoted, well-mannered, courageous dog, it has been said to battle bears in an attempt to protect flocks of sheep or his master from harm.

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