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Carpenter Brut
Carpenter Brut on stage with a band
Carpenter Brut (right) performing with his touring band in Hamburg, Germany in 2018
Background information
Birth nameFranck Hueso[1]
BornPoitiers, France[citation needed]
Years active2012–present
LabelsNo Quarter Prod
Associated actsDeathspell Omega

Franck Hueso,[1][2] better known by his stage name Carpenter Brut, is a French synthwave artist from Poitiers, France.[citation needed] Little personal information is known about him aside from his French origin. His anonymity is a deliberate artistic choice in order to place more importance on the music itself rather than the identity of the musician behind it.[3] Hueso started writing music as Carpenter Brut with the intention of mixing sounds from horror films, metal, rock, and electronic music.[3]

To date he has released three EPs, EP I (2012), EP II (2013) and EP III (2015) which were collected and released together as the album Trilogy (2015). He has also released one live album, CARPENTERBRUTLIVE (2017) and the studio album Leather Teeth (2018). He has also contributed original music to a variety of soundtracks.

He has toured the United States and Europe, and in 2016 he toured the US with the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost.[4] In live performances Carpenter Brut is joined on stage by guitarist Adrien Grousset and drummer Florent Marcadet, both from the French metal band Hacride.[1][5] In a 2018 interview with Loudwire, Tobias Forge, lead singer of the band Ghost, stated that Hueso was also the producer for the band Deathspell Omega, a French black metal band known for the anonymity of its members.[2]



Hueso describes the beginnings of Carpenter Brut as "a joke," and contends that the name Carpenter Brut is a play on words, derived from the surname of filmmaker and composer John Carpenter and the champagne Charpentier Brut.[6] The idea to make electronic music stemmed from wanting to write music alone, rather than being in a band. Hueso explained in 2017 "Electro music is perfect for that [writing alone], especially when you’re not a good musician like me. I don’t know how to play guitar; it would have been a poor decision."[7]

EPs & Trilogy (2012—2017)[edit]

Carpenter Brut's 2012 and 2013 EP's were released on BlackBvs Records. The third EP, in 2015 (and all subsequent releases, As of February 2020), were released on Hueso's own No Quarter Prod label. The label was created with the intention of allowing Hueso to remain independent and maintain control over his own image and art.[8]

Blood Machines (2020)[edit]

Hueso has suggested that a new Carpenter Brut album may be released by the end of 2020 "at the very earliest."[9] The album will involve a "reinvention" of Carpenter Brut and taking the music "on a darker path." It will be a continuation of the Leather Teeth trilogy and will involve a story of "a character who wants to take revenge on the cheerleader who’s been making fun of him 'serial killer style'."[9] Hueso described one track off the album as "really long, really violent, and which will have much more of a black metal vibe to it. The ending will go on for about five minutes and will consist of only blast beats." Hueso suggested Ben Koller of Converge would perform on the track.[9]

Blood Machines will be released alongside a 50-minute film directed by Seth Ickerman, director of the Turbo Killer music video. The idea came from online response to Turbo Killer and requests for a sequel; the film was devised by Ickerman while Hueso describes himself as being "in charge of the soundtrack."[7][8]

Other appearances[edit]

Hueso also wrote music for the 2016 video game Furi, a process which he described as being "a lot less free" than composing music for Carpenter Brut. Hueso explained that he was required to work with scenes that the video game designers sent, while also working with loops that can go on for several minutes if the player decided to stay in the same place.[7] Ultimately, Hueso described it as "a good experience," but wasn't sure he would attempt it again, citing a greater affinity for soundtracks for film than video games.[7]

Music Videos[edit]

When working on a trailer for Festival de l’Etrange, director duo Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard (working under the name Seth Ickerman) approached Hueso with the request to use the track "Hang'em All" for the trailer's soundtrack. Having been aware of the duo and liking their "DIY and smart" approach to their work, Hueso allowed use of the track and Ickerman went on to direct all of Carpenter Brut's music videos for the first three EP's.[8]

For the music video to "Turbo Killer," Hueso gave "carte blanche" to the directors, with the only stipulation that they "give birth to certain characters" he had in mind. Hueso saw the video two weeks before its wide release and described his reaction to it as "thrilled [...] like a kid opening his Christmas presents," and wondering "how the fuck did they do that?"[8] A prequel to "Turbo Killer" will be the 50-minute film "Blood Machines," to be released in 2020. Again Ickerman have "free rein" in terms of the visuals, with Hueso describing himself as being "in charge of the soundtrack."[8]

The music videos for the album Leather Teeth were directed by Silver Strain, who also created the visuals projected during Carpenter Brut's live performances.[10][9]


"At the very beginning," Hueso commented, Carpenter Brut was influenced by Justice, but by 2017 he would be "much more inspired by prog rock artists," like Toto and Supertramp along with Iron Maiden, Meshuggah, Ulver, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.[11] In a 2019 interview with Kerrang!, Hueso stated that his early musical influences included Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death. Cinematically, his influences include '80's "Slasher/Horror/B-movies as well as blockbusters," and Hueso has specifically noted, "everything from Steven Spielberg" along with Star Wars, The Terminator, RoboCop, Predator, The Thing, Street Trash, Bad Taste, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Evil Dead and Maniac Cop, commenting, "not only did I find that these films were totally badass, but their soundtracks were too. Music was an integral part of the movies, that’s what I enjoyed." Ultimately he concluded that, "those influences run through everything Carpenter Brut does: the desire to give you something violent, cinematic and fun!"[12][8]

Hueso bases his live performances on those of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, stating "I didn’t like playing live at the beginning [...] I just wanted to make music in my room. When it became clear that people wanted me to play I worked hard to put on a real show. It’s the same as Trent Reznor with Nine Inch Nails: if I’m going to play live, it needs to be huge."[12]



  • Trilogy (2015) A compilation of the three Carpenter Brut EPs.[13]
  • Leather Teeth (2018)[13]


  • EP I (2012)
  • EP II (2013)
  • EP III (2015)

Live albums[edit]



  • Rage (2013) (contributor; "Warzone")[14]
  • Hacknet (2015) (contributor; "Roller Mobster")
  • Furi (2016) (contributor; "Time to Wake Up", "Enraged", "What We Fight for", "You're Mine")[15]
  • The Rise of the Synths (2017) (contributor; "Night Stalker")
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2018) (contributor; "Le Perv", "Night Stalker", "Escape From Midwitch Valley", "Roller Mobster")
    • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Digital Special Edition (contributor; "M|O|O|N - Dust (Carpenter Brut Remix)", "Scattle - Remorse (Carpenter Brut Remix)")
  • Blood Machines (TBA)[8]

Bandcamp Subscriber Exclusive Songs[edit]

  • "Chew Bubblegum..." (2014)[16]
  • "The Good Old Call" (2014)[17]
  • "Mandarin Claws" (2014)[18]
  • "Hush Sally, Hush!" (2019)[19]


  • Le Couleur - Vacances de 87 (Carpenter Brut Remix) (2013)[20]
  • Scattle - Remorse (Carpenter Brut Remix) (2014)[21]
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir (Carpenter Brut Remix) (2015)[22]
  • Ghost - Dance Macabre (Carpenter Brut Remix) (2018)[2][23]

Other appearances[edit]

  • Perturbator - Dangerous Days (2014) (track, "Complete Domination (Feat. Carpenter Brut)")[24]


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