Carpenter Hill

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Carpenter Hill
Carpenter Hill is located in California
Carpenter Hill
Carpenter Hill
Location in California
Highest point
Elevation831 ft (253 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence168 ft (51 m) [1]
ListingCalifornia county high points 58th
Coordinates38°38′57″N 121°05′59″W / 38.649206°N 121.099632°W / 38.649206; -121.099632Coordinates: 38°38′57″N 121°05′59″W / 38.649206°N 121.099632°W / 38.649206; -121.099632[1]
LocationFolsom, Sacramento County, California, U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Clarksville

Carpenter Hill is a hill located in the eastern Sacramento Valley-Sierra Nevada foothills region of California. The hill, located within the city limits of Folsom, near the Sacramento-El Dorado county line and north of U.S. Route 50, rises to an elevation of 828 feet (252 m). Despite its low elevation, the hill is the county highpoint of Sacramento County and thus the summit offers expansive views of the Central Valley.[2]

It is the lowest highpoint of any county in California, lower than second-place San Francisco County's Mount Davidson by about 97 feet (30 m). Several antennas and towers stand on Carpenter Hill's grassy summit. The low elevation of the hill means snow rarely falls on its summit.[2][3]


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