Carpenters Perform Carpenter

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Carpenters Perform Carpenter
Carpenters Perform Carpenter.jpg
Compilation album by Carpenters
Released July 29, 2003
Recorded 1969–1981
Genre Pop
Length 1:06:32
Label A&M/Universal Music Distribution
Producer Richard Carpenter
Carpenters chronology
The Essential Collection
(2002)The Essential Collection2002
Carpenters Perform Carpenter
Gold: 35th Anniversary Edition
(2004)Gold: 35th Anniversary Edition2004

Carpenters Perform Carpenter is a 2003 compilation album by The Carpenters. The album features songs written or co-written by Richard Carpenter, hence the album's title. It featured many lesser-known songs (similar to Reflections, released in 1998) and also included some hits such as "Top of the World" and "Yesterday Once More".

Track listings[edit]

All tracks written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis, except otherwise noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Original album (date) Length
1. "Top of the World"   A Song for You, 1972  
2. "Maybe It's You"   Close to You, 1970  
3. "Crystal Lullaby"   A Song for You  
4. "I Need to Be in Love" Carpenter, Bettis, Albert Hammond A Kind of Hush, 1976  
5. "Sandy"   A Kind of Hush  
6. "Mr. Guder"   Close to You  
7. "All of My Life" Carpenter Offering, 1969 (re-released as Ticket to Ride, 1970)  
8. "Yesterday Once More"   Now & Then, 1973  
9. "One Love"   Carpenters, 1971  
10. "Those Good Old Dreams"   Made in America, 1981  
11. "Because We Are in Love (The Wedding Song)"   Made in America  
12. "Only Yesterday"   Horizon, 1975  
13. "Eve"   Offering  
14. "At the End of a Song"   Voice of the Heart, 1983  
15. "Goodbye to Love"   A Song for You  
16. "Look to Your Dreams"   Voice of the Heart  
17. "Karen's Theme" Carpenter Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Conductor (Richard Carpenter solo, 1998)  
18. "Merry Christmas Darling" (Bonus Track) Carpenter, Frank Pooler Christmas Portrait, 1978