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For other uses, see Carpentier (disambiguation).
Family name
Pronunciation Kar' pen ti ar
Meaning worker or fixer of wood, builder of wood
Related names Carpenter (surname), Zimmermann, Zimerman, Zimmerman, Charpentier

Carpentier is a surname from the old French Charpentier and is similar to the English Carpenter.

Origin: [900-1000] Charpentier - Old French < Late Latin; carpentarius artifex or wainwright, equivalent to Latin carpent(um) two wheeled carriage ( < Celt; cf. OIr carpad chariot) + arius - ARY; see ER2.[1] Carpentier was a surname in France at least as early as 1549, when Marin Carpentier of Brix, France was mentioned in Gilles, Sire de Gouberville's journal of country life in Normandy.[2]

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