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A carpet hanger in Prague
Children playing at a carpet hanger, Łódź, ca. 1960s

The outdoor carpet hanger (also carpet stand or carpet rack) is a construction to hang carpets for cleaning with the help of carpet beaters. It is known in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Finland,[1] Russia, and other countries.

Secondary usage[edit]

It was a small center of social life.[2] German writers Walter Benjamin and Erich Kästner described hangers as important places during their childhood.[3] Children may use it as a playground, as a soccer goal, as a drumming implement,[4] a gymnastic device,[5] etc.


In Poland the outdoor railing for hanging the rug is called trzepak (a noun from the word trzepać, "to beat"; the beater itself is called trzepaczka).

Since the 1990s, it is very rare to see anyone using a trzepak for its prime function[citation needed]. In the newest housing developments, trzepak are rarely installed.[citation needed]

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