Carrasco, Montevideo

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Carrasco, Montevideo
Hotel Carrasco (under renovation)
Hotel Carrasco (under renovation)
Street map of Carrasco
Street map of Carrasco
Location of Carrasco in Montevideo
Location of Carrasco in Montevideo
Coordinates: 34°53′S 56°04′W / 34.883°S 56.067°W / -34.883; -56.067Coordinates: 34°53′S 56°04′W / 34.883°S 56.067°W / -34.883; -56.067
Country Uruguay
DepartmentMontevideo Department

Carrasco is a barrio (neighbourhood or district) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Located on the city's southeast coast, the barrio was originally an elegant seaside resort. However, it eventually became the city's most exclusive suburb. Carrasco is regarded as one of the most expensive barrios in Montevideo, and features a wide range of architectural styles.


Carrasco borders Punta Gorda to the west, Carrasco Norte to the north, Canelones Department to the east and the coastline to the south.

Part of the seafront avenue along Carrasco is named Rambla Tomás Berreta and across it stretches the beach of Carrasco.

Its main street Alfredo Arocena, named after its founder, ends at the beach.

The Carrasco Creek separates this neighbourhood from Canelones Department.


Carrasco residents tend to be the most well cultured and educated sector of the city, although other barrios like Punta Carretas also share that type of demographics.


Although there are no universities in the area of Carrasco, this barrio (together with adjacent Carrasco Norte) is home to many independent schools including: Woodlands School, Saint Patrick's College,[1] Preuniversitario Carrasco,[2] Scuola Italiana di Montevideo,[3] The British Schools and the Uruguayan American School, which has 32 nationalities amongst its 300 students.[4] Education in Carrasco has proven to be one of the best if not the best of the whole country, having among its students a long list of presidents and politicians, as well as very important business men and women.

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