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Carrefour City
Société par actions simplifiée
Area served
ServicesConvenience store
ParentCarrefour Group
A Carrefour City store in Paris.

Carrefour City is a chain of proximity convenience stores created in 2009 by the Carrefour Group with locations in three countries,France, Spain and UAE.

Carrefour City stores are convenience stores in city centers, all of these stores are open six days a week.


In January 2009, the first City stores opened in Paris, Nîmes and Avignon.

At the end of 2009, the Carrefour group decided to transform about 50 Shopi (also owned by Carrefour) proximity supermarkets into Carrefour City,[1] the Shopi chain could eventually be replaced completely.

In December 2010, Carrefour announced two new proximity store concepts in France, Carrefour Express and Carrefour City Café, the latter being a Carrefour City store with an in-house café.[2]

Carrefour City have also expanded to Spain with currently 11 stores in Madrid only.[3]

Carrefour City Café[edit]

Carrefour City Café was an experimental urban convenience store format that offers hot beverages and food items for consumption on the spot or take away. Over 700 takeaway items (snacks, sandwiches, cold drinks, bread and pastries, etc.) were to be available for city dwellers in the 100 to 150m² stores. The first Carrefour City Café opened in Bordeaux on December 16, 2010 before a second unit followed in early 2011. After nearly two years of market testing, the café format was abandoned.[4]

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