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Carrefour Express
Convenience store
Industry Retail
Founded 2007 (International)
2010 (France)
Headquarters Évry, France
Number of locations
Area served
Europe, Latin America, Asia
Parent Carrefour

Carrefour Express (stylized as Carrefour express) is a convenience store chain owned and operated by French retailer Carrefour with locations in three continents. Carrefour Express was created in 2007 to consolidate all convenience stores owned by Carrefour worldwide under one name. In 2010, all convenience store operations in France, including Marché, Champion and Shopi were rebranded as Express.[1]


In 2007 the Carrefour Express concept was created to replace almost everywhere in the world the convenience stores owned by the Carrefour Group in locations that has small retail area. These include Champion, Norte, GB, Globi and Gima.[2]

International locations[edit]

Country First store No. of stores Ref.
 Argentina 2007 235 [3]
 Belgium 2007 222 [4]
 Brazil 2008 40 [5][6]
 Cyprus 2009 4 [7][8][9]
 France 2010 452 [10]
 Indonesia 2008 14
 Italy 2009 591 [11]
 Luxembourg 2014 3 [12]
 Poland 2007 297 [13]
 Romania 2008 56 [14]
 Spain 2007 120 [15]
 Turkey 2007 189


Belgian retail chain GB opened its first convenience store, GB Express in 1997. In 2000 Carrefour acquired GB from the GIB Froup. In 2007 all GB Express locations were rebranded as Carrefour Express.


In France, the chain's goal is to replace all convenience stores owned by Carrefour, that could not be converted to either Carrefour City or Carrefour Contact stores.

In December 2010, the first Carrefour Express is created in Caen, and a second in January 2011 in Poitiers, the third opened in 5th arrondissement of Paris.

In April 2013, there are 252 Carrefour Express stores in France. In August 2013, 272 stores.


In January 2008, Carrefour Indonesia acquired 75 percent share of local retailer Alfa Supermarket, creating a new supermarket business chain next to the Carrefour hypermarkets in Indonesia.[16] The name "Alfa" is now converted to "Carrefour Express".[17] As of December 2010, there were 14 Carrefour Express stores in Indonesia.

These Carrefour Express stores were the first Carrefour's supermarket in Asia; earlier there were only Carrefour hypermarket stores in Asian countries.


In Italy the chain Dì per Dì was acquired from Promodès in 2007 and starting late 2009 were rebranded Carrefour Express as part of Carrefour's international reorganization.


Carrefour entered the Romanian market after acquiring local retail chain Artima for €52 million in October 2007, with the rebranding taking place in September 2008, nearly a year later. As of 30 December 2013, Carrefour operates 56 supermarkets in Romania.[14]


In 2007, the first Carrefour Express was created.

In February 2009 the 100th Express store opened in Spain.


Since September 2007, Carrefour Express also operates in Turkey, locally named "CarrefourSA Expres" with only one letter 's' . As of December 2011, there are a total of 189 stores, located in 37 out of the 81 provinces of Turkey.

Former locations[edit]


In the summer of 2011, Carrefour MAF began a rebranding and expansion program with 17 Carrefour Express stores across the UAE being converted to Carrefour Market outlets.[18]


In the spring of 2007, Carrefour Express acquired all "5' Marinopoulos" from Champion Marinopoulos. On March 1, 2017, they left the Greek market after the acquisition of Marinopoulos by Sklavenitis.

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