Carreg Coetan Arthur

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Carreg Coetan burial chamber. - - 1044642.jpg
Carreg Coetan Arthur and other nearby Neolithic sites

Carreg Coetan Arthur is a neolithic dolmen near Newport in North Pembrokeshire, Wales.[1]

Carreg Coetan Arthur dates from around 3000 BC and is the remains of a Neolithic burial chamber (also known as a quoit).

The remains consist of a 4-metre-long capstone on smaller supporting rocks. It would have originally been earth covered, but this has eroded away.

The site is managed by Cadw and it is a scheduled ancient monument.


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Coordinates: 52°1′6.9″N 4°49′41.6″W / 52.018583°N 4.828222°W / 52.018583; -4.828222