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The Carrera family

The Carrera family of Chile became politically influential during the colonial period, and played a significant role in Chilean Independence. They remained politically important throughout the 19th century. Their descendants make up the bulk of the Chilean upper-class.

The children of Ignacio de la Carrera are known in Chilean history as the Hermanos Carrera (Carrera siblings). All except Javiera were military commanders in the fight against Spanish reconquest:

  • Javiera Carrera (1771–1862), "Mother" of Chile, who sewed its first flag
  • Brigadier Juan José Carrera (1782–1818), independentist hero
  • General José Miguel Carrera (1785–1821), independentist leader, who governed Chile during its first period of independence, the Patria Vieja.
  • Colonel Luis Carrera (1791–1818), independentist hero

Other descendants also notable in their time:

The Carrera name has disappeared by way of marriage from Chilean society, but their descendants, who number in the few hundred, are socially, politically and financially prominent.

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