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Carriçal is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 16°33′18″N 24°04′55″W / 16.555°N 24.082°W / 16.555; -24.082Coordinates: 16°33′18″N 24°04′55″W / 16.555°N 24.082°W / 16.555; -24.082
Country Cape Verde
Island São Nicolau
Municipality Ribeira Brava
Civil parish Nossa Senhora do Rosário
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 190

Carriçal is a settlement in the eastern part of the island of São Nicolau, Cape Verde. It is situated on the south coast, 24 km east of Ribeira Brava, it is also east of Juncalinho, it is the easternmost settlement on the island.

One of the subdivisions are Carriçal and in the east Castilhano, an abandoned locality, first abandoned after people left for other areas and countries during the famine that started in 1948 and lasted until the 1960s.

Some 8 km east is the island's easternmost point named Ponta Leste, also in that location is a lighthouse built at an elevation of about 60 meters and has a range of 19 km (11 nmi).

Carriçal was the first place where the Bocage's wall gecko (Tarentola bocagei) was first described.


The point was mentioned as Currissal in the 1747 French/Dutch map by Jacques Nicolas Bellin.[2]

The road linking with other parts of the island was unpaved until the late 2000s.

Hurricane Fred struck the village and devastated fruit and hydroponic crops along with some roads and homes[3]

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