Carrie Kemper

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Carrie Kemper
Born United States
Occupation Television writer, novelist
Years active 2007–present

Carrie Kemper is an American television writer and novelist who worked as a staff writer on the NBC sitcom The Office. She is the younger sister of actress Ellie Kemper.


Television work[edit]

Kemper worked as a staff writer on The Office from the beginning of the show's seventh season. [1] She wrote an episode entitled "Ultimatum". [2] In 2010, Kemper and 21 other writers shared a Writers Guild of America award nomination for their work on The Office.[3] She also wrote the eighth season episode "Spooked" and season nine's "The Whale" (which she had a cameo in as Jan Levinson's assistant Molly) and "Junior Salesman".

In 2013, she had a brief appearance in the Arrested Development episode "Smashed" as Mrs. Astronaut Lovel.

In 2014, she joined Silicon Valley as a writer and producer for season 2.[4]


Monday Sessions, Kemper's first novel, co-written with her sister, is a fictional collection of diary entries and notes by Dr. Amy Rice, a thirty-something therapist who becomes fascinated with her patients' lives. It was due to be published in spring 2012, but as of November 2016, it hasn't been published.[5]


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