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Stay Free!
Categories Online magazine
Founder Carrie McLaren
Year founded 1993
Final issue 2008
Country United States
Based in Brooklyn, New York
Language English

Stay Free! is a non-profit magazine about the politics of culture based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Carrie McLaren in 1993[1] while working at Matador Records, it tends to focus on "the perversions of media and consumer culture." Each issue has a theme, such as pranks, copyright, or marketing and past issues have included interviews with Lawrence Lessig, Negativland, Stuart Ewen, and Public Enemy.[2]

In March 2007, Carrie McLaren announced Stay Free! would no longer be published in print, though they would continue on online.[3] The last print issue appeared in 2008.[1]

The name was intended as an ironic homage to Stayfree maxipads, though it is also the title of a song by The Clash.

Other projects[edit]

To protest the expansion of copyright law, the magazine sponsored the Illegal Art exhibition, website and compact disc, all featuring artists challenging copyright or art works which were the subject of copyright suits. Stay Free! also published a free media literacy curriculum.

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