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Carrie White
Carrie White 2013.jpg
Carrie White portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz
First appearance Carrie
Last appearance Carrie (2013 film)
Created by Stephen King
Portrayed by Sissy Spacek (1976)
Annie Golden (1984)
Linzi Hateley (1988)
Jodelle Ferland (2002)
Angela Bettis (2002)
Remy Bogna (2008)
Katrina E. Perkins (2008)
Elisa Pupko (2011)
Noel Wells (2012)
Molly Ranson (2012)
Skyler Wexler (2013)
Chloë Grace Moretz (2013)
Mieko Beyer (2014)
Evelyn Hoskins (2015)
Nickname(s) Carrie
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Ralph White (father)
Margaret White (mother)
Rachel Lang (paternal half-sister; film sequel only)
Relatives John Brigham (maternal grandfather)
Judith Brigham (maternal grandmother)
Sadie Cochran (maternal great-grandmother)
Religion Fundamentalist Christianity

Carrietta N. "Carrie" White is the title character and protagonist of Stephen King's first novel Carrie.

In every adaptation and portrayal of Carrie, she is portrayed to be the ultimate high school outcast. She is loathed, taunted and bullied by her classmates and abused by her mother Margaret White, an abusive, mentally ill and emotionally unstable religious fanatic. At the age of seventeen, she has her first menstrual period in the locker room of her high school, awakening her dormant telekinetic and telepathic abilities. As her powers begin to come full forth, she undergoes a transformation both physically and psychologically. However, after a cruel prank involving pig's blood is pulled on her in front of the entire senior class at her prom, Carrie unleashes her wild talents in a fit of blind rage to ruthlessly massacre her classmates and wreck havoc upon the entire town of Chamberlain in Maine, causing 440 deaths.


Further information: Carrie (novel)

Carrietta N. White was born on September 21, 1963. She is described to have thin and colorless, dirty blonde hair with large, dark brown eyes. She has a round face and is full-figured, slightly chuncky in the torso area. She has severe acne on her face, shoulders, back and on her buttocks. She is considered unattractive, even repulsive to some, though she is described as having been very pretty as a little girl. Her clothing is homemade, outdated and baggy. She is always showing sweat stains under the arms of her blouses and her nylons are always running. Her outfits resemble that of a pilgrim, because her mother Margaret White, will not let her purchase or wear fashionable clothes, believing them to be too provocative and sinful. Outwardly, Carrie is a social outcast who is very shy, lonely and isolated; her mother does not allow her to socialize like normal teenagers. The closest thing she has to a friend at school is her gym instructor Miss Desjardin, who feels a mixture of sympathy and hidden disgust for her, and fellow classmate Sue Snell, who pities more than likes her. Carrie does, however, show signs of rebelling against her mother's religious fanaticism. Her mother locks her in a "prayer closet" whenever she misbehaves, and commands her to pray for hours on end without food or bathroom breaks. However, ever since high school, Carrie has begun smuggling glamour and teen magazines into the closet to read them in secret instead of praying.

All her life, Carrie has had incredibly strong telekinetic abilities, usually evident in childhood incidents and whenever she becomes upset or frustrated. As an infant, she had telekinetically shut a window and had dangled her own bottle above her crib. When she was three years old, she witnessed her teenage next-door neighbor Stella Horan, sunbathing topless on her lawn and asked about her fully developed bosom. When Margaret caught her speaking to the neighbor girl, which she strictly forbid, she took Carrie back into the house and physically abused and scolded her. While Carrie was inside being punished, she subconsciously brought forth a hail of ice from the atmosphere that pelted against the bungalow. The chunks of ice were followed by a shower of large stones that plummeted onto the property, damaging it heavily while a wooden dinner table was almost sent toppling through the kitchen window, shattering the glass.

In 1979, at the age of seventeen, Carrie has her first menstrual period in the shower of the school gym after a physical education class. Due to her mother's bizarre religious beliefs, she does not know what a period is and believes she is internally bleeding to death. Instead of sympathizing with the frightened Carrie, the other girls in the locker room, led by the popular ring leader Chris Hargensen and her accomplice Sue Snell, taunt and mock her mercilessly. The girls coner her in the shower as they begin to throw tampons and sanitary napkins at her. This humiliation subconsciously brings out her telekinetic abilities again, as a light bulb in the shower burst and a basket of baseball bats fall over, spilling the bats onto the tile floor. Miss Desjardin finally comes to Carrie's aid, realizing Carrie is oblivious to the concept of female menstruation; therefore she gives Chris and her gang a boot-camp style detention in the gym for one week for bullying. Chris is unremorseful about her actions towards Carrie and refuses to cooperate. She skips the detention and then is banned from attending the upcoming senior prom as a result. Chris then tries to have her Lawyer father threaten and intimidate the school and then bride her way out of the punishment but is unsuccessful. Now aware of her unique powers, Carrie begins to secretly practice her telekinetic strength and energy, unaware that using her powers puts a high level of stress on her body. Sue starts to feel guilty about her treatment of Carrie, and talks her boyfriend, the athletic heartthrob Tommy Ross, into asking Carrie to the prom as an honest way to make amends for the locker room incident. Tommy balks at first, but does it to please Sue because he loves her. When he asks Carrie to the prom, she is skeptical but eventually says yes, nervous but happy. However, when Margaret learns about Carrie's prom offer, she disapproves, saying it is a godless event and attempts to stop her from going. But Carrie insists on trying to finally fit in for once, even if it is just for one night. And with the help of her powers, she stands up to her mother for the first time in her life, even threatening Margaret to make the stones fall out of the sky again. Carrie then quickly undergoes a profound transformation, both physically and psychologically. She becomes much more confident and attractive, as she makes an effort to enhance her appearance. A talented seamstress, she makes her own prom dress. The fabric of the dress is made of crushed red velvet with a princess waistline and juliet sleeves that allows her cleavage to show. Carrie is described as appearing truly beautiful for the first time in her life when Tommy escorts her to the prom.

At the dance, she is left speechless by the glamour. And gradually comes out of her shell, and even makes a few small jokes while she converses with other prom-goers. As she is accepted by the crowd, she begins to enjoy herself for once. Carrie and Tommy are even elected the prom's king and queen after Tina Blake and Norma Watson rig the voting box at Chris's request. As Carrie ascends to the stage to sit on the throne and be crowned, Chris dumps pig's blood all over her and Tommy from two metal buckets above the stage as revenge for being banned from the prom. One of the buckets falls, hitting Tommy on the head and knocking him unconscious. Drenched in blood, Carrie realizes she has been set up. The prank is followed by a rain of cruel laughter, including the teachers. As Carrie runs out of the gym humiliated she is deliberately tripped by someone in the crowd and falls, increasing the laughter. Once outside, Carrie falls onto the wet lawn on the campus and sobs. Pushed to her breaking point, her mind snaps into a sinister and sadistic mentality, and she decides it is time to teach everyone a lesson. Believing her prom invitation to be a conspiracy all along, Carrie returns to the school and uses her powers to lock everyone inside the gymnasium by telekinetically sealing all the doors. Next she activates the sprinkler system, soaking everything with water. Carrie then uses her mind to break the main power cables on stage and drops them on the wet floor. Carrie smiles as she watches several people get electrocuted and catch on fire. The fire spreads, ultimately consuming the entire school. Carrie leaves the remaining prom-goers trapped inside to die, and undoes all the fire hydrants near the area so when the fire trucks arrive, they won't be able to tame the flames or save anyone. Only a handful of people escape, including Miss Desjardin.

Walking home barefoot and covered in blood, Carrie leaves a huge path of destruction and death throughout the entire town. In her wake, Carrie telekinetically destroys gas stations at several coner stores and allows the broken pumps leak gasoline into the road. A man walking by drops his lighted cigarette on the the ground, unaware that the streets are soaked with gas, thus igniting a fire that causes several explosions. Carrie also unleashes a side effect of her ability, "Brodcast Telepathy", which means anyone within a certain radius of the disaster area suddenly found themselves learning about the destruction of the high school. They also learn from this telepathy that it is Carrietta White who's responsible for the destruction, regardless if they know who Carrie even is or not. After broadcasting her thoughts of malice and revenge, Carrie stops to pray at a local cathedral, all the while undoing more fire hydrants and manipulating a series of power lines outside to fall over and create blazing wildfires in multiple neighborhoods. Literally hundreds of innocent bystanders are electrocuted and killed as they evacuate from their burning homes. Carrie then returns home, intending to confront and kill her mother. Meanwhile, Sue hears the town's emergency sirens go off from her home and rushes downtown and witnesses all the chaos and mayhem. To Sue's horror, she also watches the school explode, demolishing a significant portion of the town. Sue begins to look for Carrie to stop her rampage.

When Carrie enters the house, Margaret is already expecting her. Carrie knows she and her mother both have the same intentions. After telling Carrie she was born from a marital rape, Margaret stabs her in the shoulder with a butcher's knife and hits an artery. Margaret believes Carrie is possessed by Satan himself, and must kill her to save her soul. However, Carrie retaliates and slowly kills her mother by telekinetically stopping her heart. Carrie leaves home again, heading for the local roadhouse to complete her destruction. Once there, Chris and her delinquent, greaser boyfriend Billy Nolan, see her and attempt to run her over with their car. Carrie telekinetically wrestles the oncoming vehicle and takes control of it, slamming it into the side of the roadhouse, killing both Chris and Billy and destroying the building. Carrie is left weak and dying from the shock and stress of over using her abilities, along with blood loss from the knife wound, she collapses in the parking lot. Two hours later, Sue finds her and invites her into her mind to prove that she was innocent and did not wish Carrie any harm. Carrie reads Sue's thoughts, forgives her, and cries out for her mother as she dies in Sue's arms. Sue also experiences Carrie's death due to their brief psychic connection minutes prior.

The "Black Prom" tragedy hits the nation bigger than the JFK assassination. Carrie's story becomes a controversial and highly discussed subject. Eventually, a Hollywood movie is made about her. An autopsy is performed on Carrie's body. The coroner's report lists Carrie's brain has a diffrent cell pattern compared to other brains. Scientist begin to take the concept of telekinesis more seriously. People all over the world are also scared that another telekinetic child could be born. Miss Desjardin, one of the few lucky survivors, resigns due to her guilt for not reaching out to Carrie and preventing what happened on prom night. Meanwhile, the authorities and skeptics are investigating and trying to figure out what exactly happened in Chamberlain Maine that caused 440 people to die. It's a rather big mystery, due to the fact Carrie killed almost all of the witnesses in her mass-homicide. And with so many people dead, Chamberlain becomes a virtual ghost town, and even a popular tourist attraction. Sue goes on to write a memoir about her involvement with Carrie White. She warns her readers to never forget about Carrie, or the events that occured in Chamberlain, or something like it could happen all over again.

Carrie's headstone makes a cameo appearance in Stephen King's Novel It.

1976 film[edit]

Further information: Carrie (1976 film)
Sissy Spacek (shown here in 2011) portrayed Carrie White in the 1976 film.

In the original movie adaptation by Brian De Palma, Carrie was portrayed by Sissy Spacek: strawberry blonde hair with freckles, blue eyes, and a very slim build. For her screen test, Sissy Spacek rubbed Vaseline into her hair and didn't bother to wash her face. She also wore a sailor dress (which her mother had made for her when she was in the seventh grade) with the hem cut off. Surprisingly, Spacek was not Palma's first choice to play the part of Carrie White. However, Spacek's audition went so well, she was given the role.

The plot of the film is essentially the same as that of the book, but a few details are changed or omitted. The most significant change is the film does not include the town's destruction on prom night, and offers no evidence that Carrie's telekinetic powers were present in her life before she was a teenager, instead only being triggered by her first delayed period. Her first shown telekinetic occurrences include breaking a lightbulb in the schools locker room, toppling her principal's ashtray onto the floor in his office, and sending a taunting child swerving off his bike and injuring him. Later, while crying in her bedroom, she accidentally shatters a mirror by looking at it in frustration, unlocks her bedroom door from a distance, and pieces the mirror back together before her mother Margaret sees it.

Spacek as Carrie White in the 1976 film adaptation.

When Tommy Ross asks Carrie to the prom, Carrie runs away and hides, believing it to be another cruel trick. But her teacher, Miss Collins, finds her and convinces her that she is pretty, brushing her hair out of her face to reveal her smile. Carrie then accepts the invitation and begins to prepare for the event. Her mother tries to stop her from going and begs her to stay home and pray for forgiveness, telling Carrie that "they're all going to laught at you", promising that the prom will go badly for her. But Carrie telekinetically stands up to her mother and gains confidence.

The high school massacre is depicted more or less the same as in the novel, with the exception that Carrie does not flee the prom after the prank but remains inside during her rampage. And Sue does not stay home on prom night, but visits the school to check on Carrie, making sure things go well for her, only to see the bucket of pig's blood above the stage. Sue tries to warn Carrie, but Miss Collins sees Sue and throws her out of the gym, thinking she is there to start trouble. Also, Carrie is the only one to have the bucket of pig's blood dumped over her instead of two buckets for her and Tommy both, as it plays out in the novel. After realizing her mother was right, she snaps into a cold rage and becomes very catatonic, appearing to go into a deadly trance. She uses her powers to kill the students, teachers, and burn down the gymnasium. After killing Chris and Billy in their car while walking home, Carrie finds hundreds of religious candles burning all throughout the house. After Carrie washes all the pig's blood off in a bath, Margaret creeps out of the darkness and approaches her. She hugs Carrie and starts praying with her before stabbing her in the back with a butcher's knife. As Margaret coners Carrie and is about to stab her again, Carrie sends a barrage of kitchen utensils flying at her one by one in defense, eventually crucifying her against a doorway, pinning her hands to the beams and sending one last knife spinning into her heart, killing her.

Realizing what she has done, Carrie screams in anguish. She drags her mother's body into the prayer closet as the house collapses onto them, due to Carrie subconsciously using her powers to cause the house to fall apart. As the house gives away, the candles are knocked over, setting the home ablaze. Debris fall onto Carrie in the closet, and she is knocked unconscious before being buried alive with Margaret. The film returns to Sue for the final scene. She dreams about leaving flowers on the site where Carrie's house once stood (in its place is a For Sale sign with "Carrie White Burns in Hell" scrawled on it), but it quickly turns into a nightmare when Carrie's bloody hand rises from the earth to grab her. It is revealed that the hand grabbing Sue's arm is actually her mother's. Mrs. Snell is trying to wake her hysterical daughter from her nightmare, but Sue just continues to scream in horror, guilt, and torment. This implies Sue will be forever haunted by the memory of Carrie White

In the film, Carrie originally has childish traits. As the film progresses, Carrie gains more adult traits. Michelle Citron of Jump Cut compared Carrie to Babe Levy in the film Marathon Man.[1]


Carrie is also featured in flashbacks in the sequel The Rage: Carrie 2. Sue Snell, now a high school counselor, is still deeply scarred by the events of the prom, being one of the few survivors. Her attention is drawn to a student named Rachel Lang, who is exhibiting unstable telekinetic abilities. She explains to Rachel that telekinesis is a genetic disorder passed down from father to child. After researching Rachel's past, Sue discovers that Rachel is in fact Carrie's paternal half-sister: her father, Ralph White, had walked out on his marriage to Margaret White for Rachel's mother, Barbara Lang.

1988 musical[edit]

Further information: Carrie (musical)
Linzi Hateley as Carrie, with Betty Buckley as Margaret White

In 1988, Carrie was adapted into a musical co-produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Carrie was portrayed by Linzi Hateley in both the London production and the Broadway transfer. Her songs include "And Eve Was Weak," "Evening Prayers" and "I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance" (duets with Betty Buckley, who also played teacher Miss Collins in the 1976 film, as her mother) and the solos "I'm Not Alone" and "Carrie".

Linzi Hateley won a Theatre World Award for Best Newcomer for this, her first starring role.[2] She recorded the song "Carrie" for her album Sooner or Later.[3]

The pig's blood scene and the ensuing massacre are depicted in the musical number "The Destruction". Carrie seals off the exits, kills everyone present (staged through pyrotechnics and lasers), and brings down the ceiling, burying the prom-goers. Carrie sinks to the floor and begins to cry. Margaret arrives in an evening dress, and comforts her. She then stabs Carrie on the school stairs (a "white-on-white staircase to heaven") during the song "Carrie (reprise)" in a moment described by one scholar as "the sort of moment Florenz Ziegfeld might have come up with had a lunatic asked him to stage a Grand Guignol version of his Follies."[4] Carrie uses her powers to stop Margaret's heart before dying herself, comforted by Sue.

2012 revival[edit]

The 2012 revival of the show portrays a different version of events. The blood is dumped onto Carrie from above, as in the book. She slams the doors shut and turns off the lights, creating a blackout. The lights struggle back on in a strobe effect as Carrie forces everyone else to the ground. The students writhe in desperation as Carrie sets the gym on fire, and telekinetically forces Chris Hargensen to break her own neck. Several try to escape but are pinned to the walls. Carrie then leaves, exploding the gym as she does so. Sue narrates how Carrie cuts a trail of destruction across town on her way home, as Sue herself follows her. At the White home, Carrie finds Margaret reciting prayers. She takes Carrie in her arms and sings softly to her before revealing the kitchen knife and stabbing her. Carrie uses her powers to force the knife out of Margaret's hands before stopping her heart. Sue enters, and cradles Carrie as she dies of her wounds.

2002 television film[edit]

Further information: Carrie (2002 film)
Carrie White was portrayed by Angela Bettis in the 2002 television film.

The television portrayal of Carrie was similar to the original novel, with the exception of her appearance: she was shown as having brown hair and brown eyes, a pale but clear complexion, and a small, slim frame. In this version Angela Bettis plays Carrie. It is implied that she is some shade of Pentecostal; her classmates once heard her speaking in tongues, and thought she was having a seizure.

The story is told as a flashback, as the police question several surviving students and faculty members about the incident at the school and Carrie's death.

As in the novel, Carrie already shows some signs of rebelling against her mother's fanatical religious beliefs. She has a cross necklace, but only wears it at home. She also hides teen magazines in her "prayer closet," and secretly reads them when her mother locks her in there. After gaining confidence from accepting Tommy's invitation to the prom, Carrie retorts to her mother that she often believes her mother makes up the Bible quotes she constantly preaches at her.

As in the novel, her telekinetic abilities were present when she was a child, though only one example is given: the shower of flaming rocks. Her only other telekinetic manifestations happened after the shower incident. However, this film adds events that never took place in either the original novel or film; in one scene, she falls into a bizarre trance, during which she bends her metal ruler and cracks her desk in half with her mind, but is unaware of what she's done until she comes back to consciousness. After researching "miracles" and finding out about telekinesis, she begins practicing with it, attempting to control and intensify it.

When Tommy Ross asks her to go to the prom with him, she shyly accepts, but her mother refuses to allow it. Carrie uses her power against her mother, blocking the doorways and preventing Margaret from storming out. Carrie begins taking control of the situation, standing up for herself for once.

As she and Tommy arrive at the prom, Carrie is greeted with open arms, complimented and accepted by the crowd of students and teachers. She actually begins to enjoy herself, and is even more excited when she is elected Prom Queen. While on stage with Tommy, she drifts off into a daydream in which she and Tommy share the dance, leading to a shared kiss.

Bettis as Carrie White in the 2002 TV film adaptation.

Carrie remains inside the gym after the blood lands on her. Most of the students, especially those in on the prank laugh at her, while the others just stare, horrified. Carrie goes into shock and loses control of her telekinesis, sending a wave of energy through the crowd and slamming the doors shut. Tina Blake's date, Kenny, tries to stick his hand through the doors in an attempt to stop them, but Carrie crushes and twists his arm between the doors. Huge sets of lights begin to shake above the crowds, letting off showers of sparks and falling down to the floor. One set swings and smashes against the mural, igniting it.

The students begin to panic, and Carrie knocks Tina to the floor with a basketball backboard before viciously crushing her to death with it. As the gym erupts in panic, Miss Desjarden, along with Norma, find an exit route through a vent as the sprinklers above turn on, showering the gym with water. Carrie breaks the sprinkler supply pipes lining the walls, sending the water gushing out and flooding down onto the floor.

Carrie then pushes the water aside and begins walking out as another set of lights swings and smashes into the electric scoreboard. When it hits the water-soaked floor, it electrocutes everyone inside. As Carrie walks out, the gym collapses behind her. She then makes her way through the town in a trance, destroying it much as in the novel, exploding gas stations and destroying cars. Billy attempts to run her over as Chris pleads with him to stop, but Carrie sends the car flying at a tree, crushing them to death.

Carrie finally makes it home; still wearing her blood-covered prom dress, she steps into a bath and washes herself. She then snaps back to herself; she doesn't remember a thing about what happened. Her mother calls her a witch and attempts to drown her in the tub while reciting the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. With her last ounce of strength, Carrie telekinetically stops her mother's heart, killing her— before ceasing to breathe herself.

Sue finds Carrie later, and manages to revive her. Sue then hides Carrie in the ruins of the school for about a week or so, while Sue is questioned by the police. Afterwards, Carrie visits her own grave, as well as her mother's. There, Sue insists that Carrie must not be seen by anyone, and that she must leave town. Sue then offers to drive her as far as Florida, and the film concludes with Carrie startled awake in the passenger seat of Sue's car by visions of her mother and Chris. When Sue questions her, she dismisses the dream as "nothing".

2013 film[edit]

Main article: Carrie (2013 film)
Chloë Grace Moretz portrays Carrie White in the 2013 version.

In the 2013 version of the film, Carrie is portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz:[5] strawberry blonde hair with fair skin, blue eyes and a medium build.

Mortez's portrayal is largely a mix of the book and the original 1976 film with an updated twist. While she cowers in the shower room under the onslaught of the other girls' taunts, Chris Hargensen records the moment on her smartphone and later uploads it to YouTube. Carrie's first shown telekinetic occurrences include breaking a lightbulb in the shower room, cracking the glass water cooler in the principal's off causing it to shatter, and sending a taunting child swerving off his bike and injuring him. When Margaret shoves her into the prayer closet to pray for forgiveness for having her period, Carrie causes a crack down the middle of the wooden door, realizing she may be telekinetic. Soon after, Carrie shatters a mirror in the school bathroom and lifts some of the broken shards into mid air.

While spending the week in study hall to recover from the locker room incident, Carrie researches information about her powers both online and via books in the school library, and discovers that telekinesis is passed on from mother to daughter. Her grandmother had it, but her mother doesn't. She gradually learns to harness her power. Unlike the other versions, she can channel it with her hands. When Carrie tells her mother that Tommy asked her to the prom and Margaret refuses to let her go, Carrie lifts her off the floor as she tries to walk away, then pins her to the ground.

On prom night, when Margaret continues to harass her, Carrie uses her ability to telekintically lock Margaret inside the prayer closet in order to keep her from ruining the night. When Carrie and Tommy arrive at the prom they dance and have fun with the other prom-goers. Carrie even starts to come out of her shell and joke with her peers. Meanwhile, Chris has secretly entered the gym with her boyfriend Billy Nolan and the help of her best friend, Tina Blake, who then rigs the ballet box. Tommy and Carrie are declared prom king and queen. Meanwhile, Sue gets a text from Chris hinting her intentions to harm Carrie. Sue then rushes to the school from her home to try and warn her. However, Miss Desjardin sees Sue and throws her out of the gym, thinking she is there to start trouble. As Carrie reaches her star on stage Chris dumps a bucket of pig's blood on her from above the stage. Covered in blood, Carrie stands there stunned and humiliated. Tommy yells, in anger "What the hell!" before Chris's henchwoman, Tina, projects the video of the shower incident on the big screens to humilate Carrie even more. As Carrie starts to leave the stage embarrassed, the long rope holding the bucket slips, dropping on Tommy's head and killing him instantly. Chris and her boyfriend Billy run, fearing that they will get caught. Carrie rushes to Tommy and cradles his head crying. Looking up she sees her own bloody reflection in the pair of Billy's sunglasses that he left behind. Carrie slowly realizes her powers will help her get revenge, as ahe turns back around to face the unsuspecting crowd. The lights begin to flicker as blood droplets begin to levitate off her skin. Her heart pumps wildly, her eyes dilate and she screams as she unleashes her power in a telekinetic wave that sends the prom-goers flying across the room all at once. She locks the gymnasium doors and sends objects flying all over the gym to kill those she believes are responsible. After turning on the sprinklers, she uses several broken electrical cables to shock whip Tina's body before setting her entirely ablaze. After telekintically lifting Miss Desjardin off the floor to save her from dying, Carrie throws the electrical wiring in the puddles of water to electrocute most of everyone else. Then she levitates across the gym as the flames engulf the back stage and curtains, ultimately setting the entire school on fire.

Outside the gym, she lands safely on the concrete and begins to walk away. Seeing Chris and Billy driving away, she follows and opens a large hole in the road with a stomp of her foot to stop their car. As the car turns around, Chris sees Carrie and tells Billy to run her down to kill her. Billy hits the gas pedal and as the car comes speeding towards Carrie, she stops it telekinetically, smashing Billy's head against the steering, breaking his nose against the wheel and killing him instantly. After locking the doors and trying to strangle Chris with her own seat belt, Carrie uses her powers to lift the car off the road. Chris attempts to make the car go but only succeeds in making the wheels spin before Carrie hurls the car into a gas pump, breaking it and spilling gasoline onto the ground. Chris's head smashes through the windshield and she dies by the impact. Carrie telekinetically causes a light pole to fall over onto the vehicle and it explodes.

Carrie comes home and washes the pig's blood off in the bathtub before collapsing in her mother's arms. As they kneel to pray, Margaret pulls a knife and stabs Carrie in the shoulder. As Margaret attempts to finish her off, Carrie uses her powers to push Margaret away. Margaret manages to slash Carrie in the arm. Carrie launches Margaret against the wall and crucifies her by telekinetically pinning her to a wall with household objects, including knives that she propels into her chest and stomach. Carrie then releases her mother and cradles her as Margaret dies in her arms. Realizing what she has done, Carrie becomes hysterical and makes stones start to rain from the atmosphere to crush the house and kill her as well. Sue quickly shows up, wanting to help Carrie. But a furious Carrie grabs Sue and lifts her in mid air with her powers, and asks Sue why couldn't she have just left her alone. Sue shows Carrie her mind and proves to her that she had nothing to do with what happened at the prom. Carrie telepathically learns of Sue's pregnancy from Tommy and reveals to Sue that the baby will be a girl. Carrie then uses her powers to throw Sue to safety before the stones crush the house completely.

Not much later, Sue testifies in court as a witness to what happpend on prom night. She confesses to the judge that Carrie had a special power. Afterwards, a pregnant Sue visits a rainy cemetery, lays a white rose on Carries grave and walks away, the headstone (vandalized with the words "Carrie White Burns in Hell") cracks, implying that Carrie might have faked her death and is still alive but reamins incognito.

Moretz was criticized for being too attractive for the role of Carrie, but her overall performance as Carrie was met with a mostly positive response.[6]

Powers and Abilities[edit]

  • Telekinesis - Carrie's most known psionic ability is that she can easily control, rearrange, assemble, manipulate, throw and move multiple objects and people at once by strongly focusing her mind and boundless energy on the voluntary action or to channel her telekinesis through her emotions or impulse. Additionally, the 1976 movie and book implies that Carrie must see with her eyes what she manipulates; the 2013 movie shows Carrie using her hands to manipulate her telekinetic strength. In the 2013 movie: While heading out the door to prom, Carrie forced Margaret to freeze and telekinetically forced her mouth shut as she pushed her into the Prayer Closet and then slammed and locked the door. She was also able to telekinetically levitate herself as shown after she finished her attack while she flew off the stage. The level of telekinesis Carrie displayed in all incarnations seemed to be tied to her rage; the angrier she became, the more feats of telekinesis she was able to achieve.
  • Telepathy - Carrie also possess telepathic abilities that include the reading of minds, projection of thoughts and manipulation of minds. The first mention of telepathy in the book takes place when Tommy invites Carrie to prom and ends up with a weird sensation in his head. Carrie's telepathy grew stronger by the time of the prom night, when she unknowingly reached into Tommy's head and twisted things around. Tommy described it as though Carrie's mental voice and image were stuck in his mind and blanked his other thoughts out (an indication of Carrie's mind control abilities), so much so that Tommy began to fear Carrie. The novel had Carrie display her telepathy to its full potential when she telepathically broadcast her name to anyone that was within a certain radius; people who had no idea who Carrie was, suddenly knew her name, how she looked like, and the fact that she was responsible for the town's destruction, which was what made the entire world remember who Carrie White was. When Carrie found Billy and Chris in their car, seemingly due to her telepathy, she began shouting her name inside of their heads, probably in an attempt to intimidate them. The end of the novel had Carrie engage in a telepathic conversation with Sue, after Sue felt Carrie drawing her in with her telepathy and ended up getting "mindraped" when she invited Carrie to read her thoughts to prove her innocence; this was a painful experience for Sue. When Carrie died, Sue felt her death due to the psychic connection. The 2002 movie shows Carrie subconsciously sharing flashbacks of her life with Sue, but she does not appear to read Sue's thoughts, an ability she probably would have shown in the tv series that was never made. The 2013 movie implies that Carrie telepathically connected with Sue in both directions: Carrie tells Sue that she would soon have a baby girl, shortly before gently forcing her out of her home. This ability is not directly addressed in the 1976 movie.
  • Pyrokinesis and Thermokinesis - Unique to the 2013 movie, Carrie could also pyrokinetically, thermokinetically ignite objects. She initially displayed this ability by fusing the slide lock on the door to keep her mother locked in the prayer closet and also blowing cars up with her mind. While fire and explosions are seen in the book, Carrie only opens gasoline pumps and ruptures natural gas lines; the ignition source in every case is a cigarette carelessly discarded by another person. The 2002 movie hints at this ability but shows most fires started by sparking electrical equipment rather than pyrokinesis.This ability can be known as telekinetic destruction, molecular manipulation, spontaneous combustion, or telekinetic explosion.
  • Geokinesis - In the 2013 movie, Carrie also showed the earth-related elemental ability to create strong and destructive earthquakes, when she was pursuing Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan causing a fissure to follow them; Later, while mourning her mother's death, a distraught Carrie geokinetically summoned a shower of rocks to rain down on and destroy both her and her house.
  • Technopathy and Electromagnetism: In the 2002 movie, Carrie is able to cause a microphone cable to spark without touching or damaging it through other means. In the 2013 movie, she was able to disrupt electronic appliances such as lights to flicker or malfunction.


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