Carried Away (band)

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Carried Away
Origin Ontario, Canada
Genres Contemporary Christian music
Years active 2000–2009
Labels Glide Records
Members Pam Walker, Christine Prankard
Past members Colleen Walker, Tyler Seidenberg

Carried Away was a Canadian Contemporary Christian musical group from Ontario, Canada. Signed to independent record label Glide Records until 2009, the group released three studio albums and ceased to communicate with fans starting in 2010.


Pam Walker and Colleen Walker are sisters who along with their cousin Christine Prankard formed the group Carried Away. As a family, they have been singing together as long as anyone can remember. It was not until the year 2000 however, that they became "Carried Away". It was at that point that they heard the song "Carried Away" by Sonicflood. Listening to the song, the women were inspired by Jeff Deyo as he sang the chorus with such passion and conviction, "I want to get carried away." The song immediately struck a chord in each of them. They decided to make a career out of singing.

Eventually they traveled to Nashville, and while they were there the girls had the opportunity to meet with producer Otto Price. Shortly into their first conversation with Price, the women discovered a common theme. Otto Price just happened to be a co-writer of the Sonicflood song "Carried Away".

The women truly believed God gave them the name Carried Away to inspire others to hope for the day when we will be carried away into an eternity spent with God.[citation needed] After a time of being known as the two sisters and a cousin, the three women took on Carried Away as their group name, group hope, and a powerful message to tell the world.

Otto Price agreed to produce Carried Away's first full release in 2005, titled Closer to You, which included the song that inspired their name. Their recording of the song "Carried Away" featured Jeff Deyo of Sonicflood. The album had two number-one hit singles in Canada in 2005-2006 and also won two GMA Canada Covenant Awards for 'Pop Contemporary Album of the Year' and 'Song of the Year' in 2005.[1] So far, Price did not return for Carried Away's future albums.

Carried Away snagged four nominations September 12, 2007 for GMA Canada’s 29th Annual Covenant Awards held October 26 in Calgary, Alberta. The group was nominated for Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year ("I Want You"), Song of the Year ("Mystery"), Seasonal Song of the Year ("Soaring Through the Sky") and Group of the Year.[2] Carried Away won the award for Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year for "I Want You" that was presented in Calgary at the Covenant Awards ceremony.[3]

On June 20, 2008, Colleen Walker left Carried Away[4] and was replaced by Tyler Seidenberg. The group has gone on to release the studio album No Compromise, and a Christmas EP I Saw Lights. Tyler Seidenberg left the band sometime in 2009.


  • I Know (2005)
  • Soaring Through the Sky (2006)
  • Mystery (2007)
  • Snow Falls (2007)
Songs on compilations
Music videos
  • Lift (2005)
  • I Know (2006)

Awards and recognition[edit]

GMA Canada Covenant Awards
  • 2005 Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year: Closer To You
  • 2005 Song of the Year: "I Know"
  • 2007 Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year: "I Want You"
  • 2008 two nominations: Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year: I Want You, and Seasonal Song of the Year: "Snow Falls"
  • 2009 three nominations: Album of the Year: No Compromise, Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year: No Compromise, and Seasonal Song of the Year: "More Like Christmas"


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