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Carrier may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]


Ethnography and geography[edit]

  • Carrier is the English name for the Dakelh, an indigenous First Nations people of British Columbia, Canada
  • Carrier language, the Athabaskan language of the Dakelh people
  • Carrier, Oklahoma, a town in Garfield County, Oklahoma, United States
  • The Carrier Dome, a multi-sport, domed athletic facility in Syracuse, New York, named for the Carrier Corporation


  • Carrier (bearer), a person who carries objects for others
  • Wireless carrier, an organization that operates a wireless network for mobile phones
  • Common carrier, an organization that transports a product or service using its facilities, or those of other carriers, and offers its services to the general public
  • Carrier Corporation, the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration manufacturing division of United Technologies, named after its founder, Willis Carrier
  • Carrier is used to mean a Telephone company that provides local, long distance or value added services
  • Insurance carrier, a company selling insurance
  • Mail carrier, a postal worker