Carrington (crater)

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Carrington crater 4062 h2.jpg
Coordinates 44°00′N 62°06′E / 44.0°N 62.1°E / 44.0; 62.1Coordinates: 44°00′N 62°06′E / 44.0°N 62.1°E / 44.0; 62.1
Diameter 30 km
Depth 1.5 km
Colongitude 299° at sunrise
Eponym Richard C. Carrington

Carrington is a lunar crater that is located just to the northeast of the crater Schumacher, in the northeastern part of the Moon. It lies in a stretch of rough terrain between two small lunar maria, with Lacus Temporis to the northwest and the smaller Lacus Spei to the east. To the northeast of Carrington is Mercurius.

The rim of Carrington is relatively featureless, with a slight protrusion at the northern end giving the formation a tear-drop shape. The interior floor is nearly level and featureless.