Carrington College, Otago

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Carrington College
University of Otago Residential College
University University of Otago
Location Heriot Row
Motto Neque sapientiae neque fidei immemores (Latin)
Motto in English Unmindful neither of wisdom nor of faith[1]
Founder Stuart Residence Halls Council[2]
Established 1945
Warden Peter Walker
Undergraduates 242

Carrington College is a residential college of the University of Otago. This complex of buildings has accommodation for 242 male and female students and was opened in 1945. It was the first university hall of residence in Australasia to accept both men and women students. It is named for G.W. Carrington, a former head of the Otago Education Board. The current Warden is Peter Walker, who replaced Ashley Day in May 2013, who replaced David King in 2007.

The college was known as Carrington Hall until 2006. Carrington College is renowned for its excellent menu. The students at Carrington have a history of an overall high level of academic achievement across all fields of study, and there is also a prevalent musical tradition within the College. Traditionally, Carrington has been known for its 'work hard, play hard' mentality, although under Ashley Day's premiership, the focus of the college has shifted towards academic excellence, with a less permissive attitude to partying.

Houses and Buildings[edit]

The College consists of a number of houses, with a wide range of style and atmosphere. The houses are:

  • Jenkins House, consisting of four floors, each with up to 25 study rooms. It has a TV lounge.
  • Stuart House, consisting of three floors, with between 8 and 17 study rooms on each. It has a TV lounge.
  • Pine House, a two-story villa-style house.
  • Tiro Moana House, situated across Queen st, a two-story villa-style house with views straight down to the University.
  • Blackie House, a two-story villa-style house.
  • Blackie Flat, a five bedroom flat.
  • Mahuru House, a two-story villa-style house.
  • Mahuru Flats, a new flat added to Carrington in 2009
  • Linton House, consisting of study rooms, Linton lounge, the administration offices, a pool room, a study centre, a conference room, the Head of Hall's office and two computer rooms.
  • Wardell House, a three-story villa-style house. It has a bath.
  • Dawson House, is located highest on the hill, is situated across Heriot Row, consisting of flat-style accommodation.

Also included in Carrington is the tennis court, gym, study centre, pool room, coral fish tank, smokers' gazebo (situated outside Wardell), and dining hall, with associated kitchen facilities, and Heriot Lounge.

Notable alumni[edit]

Name Entered Notability Reference
Adine Wilson (née Harper) Sport: Captain of the Silver Ferns and Southern Steel/Sting
Janet Frame Literature: author and winner of a number of literary prizes
David Cunliffe Politics: Labour MP, Former Minister of Health
Ralph Hotere Art: Artist


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