Carroll Creek (Maryland)

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Carroll Creek
2008 03 28 - Frederick - Carroll Creek at MD 355 (N Bentz St) 1.JPG
Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland
Watershed map showing Carroll Creek
Native nameWalkwaki Methtegui
CountryUnited States
CitiesFrederick, Tuscarora
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationTuscarora, MD
 ⁃ coordinates39°27′40″N 77°29′05″W / 39.461057°N 77.484649°W / 39.461057; -77.484649
MouthMonocacy River
 ⁃ location
Frederick, MD
 ⁃ coordinates
39°25′37″N 77°22′47″W / 39.427029°N 77.379766°W / 39.427029; -77.379766Coordinates: 39°25′37″N 77°22′47″W / 39.427029°N 77.379766°W / 39.427029; -77.379766
Length8.3 mi (13.4 km)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftCuller Lake
 ⁃ rightRock Creek (Potomac River)

Carroll Creek is an 8.3-mile-long (13.4 km)[1] tributary of the Monocacy River in Frederick County, Maryland. The headwaters of the creek are located on the eastern slopes of Catoctin Mountain, southeast of Gambrill State Park. The stream runs roughly east through the city of Frederick to the Monocacy, which drains to the Potomac River. The Shawnee Indians, who called the Monocacy River Monnockkesey (which translates as “river with many bends”), named Carroll Creek Walkwaki Methtegui, (which translates as "down in the gully creek").

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