Carroll Lane Fenton

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Carroll Lane Fenton
Born 12 February 1900
Butler County, Iowa
Died 16 November 1969
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Scientific career
Fields paleontology
Institutions University of Iowa
Author abbrev. (botany) C.L.Fenton

Carroll Lane Fenton (12 February 1900, Butler County, Iowa - 16 November 1969, New Brunswick, New Jersey)[1][2] was a geologist, paleontologist, neoichnologist, and historian of science. Fenton was the author and illustrator of numerous books on geology and paleontology for a general audience. He published extensively in the field of paleontology in both the professional literature and in popular journals. He was an associate editor of the American Midland Naturalist from 1923 to 1960, expanding the coverage of the journal into the arena of paleontology.

As an undergraduate in geology at the University of Chicago Fenton met and married fellow undergraduate, Mildred Adams. (Many of his later books were written with his wife, as Mildred Adams Fenton). He received his Bachelor of Science in 1921, then his Doctor of Philosophy in 1926.


  • Life Long Ago (1937)
  • Prehistoric World (1954; 1957)
  • The Fossil Book (1958)
  • Prehistoric Zoo (1959); juv
  • Reptiles and Their World (1961)
  • In Prehistoric Seas (1962); juv
  • Tales Told by Fossils (1966)


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