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Type of site
Available in Spanish
Owner Privately Held
Alexa rank 155,568 (July 2013)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 2006 is one of the largest automotive classifieds websites in Colombia.[2] The company is headquartered in Bogotá and operates in Brazil and in Venezuela. is privately held.

The Web site includes prices for new and used vehicles, vehicle test drive reviews, and tips and advice on all aspects of car purchases and ownership. In addition, the company circulates free e-mail newsletters to voluntary subscribers.

History[edit] was founded in 2006 by three recently graduated high school students in Bogotá. The site was re-developed and relaunched during the beginning of 2012 and saw a substantial increase in traffic. Amongst the car classified websites in Colombia, it ranks 4th, behind (owned by MercadoLibre), (owned by El Tiempo) and (owned by Dridco). has relied on organic growth and has not yet invested resources into traditional marketing efforts.[3]

The founders of recently reported that their network is now displaying more than 1 million cars per month and increasing at a steady rate.[4] Its currently being ranked as the 4th startup in Colombia by[5] The startup is currently expanding to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Honduras and Mexico, through their acquisitions of,,, and


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