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Industry Restaurants, Casual Dining
Founded 1970 as Carrows Hickory Chip Restaurant
Founder David Nancarrow
Number of locations
12 (2017)
Parent Zensho
Website Company website

Carrows is a chain of casual dining restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch/dinner in the western portion of the United States. As of September 26, 2013, the chain operates 54 restaurants in California and 1 in Arizona.[1]

Carrows was started by David G. Nancarrow in Santa Clara, California in 1970 as the Carrows Hickory Chip Restaurant. Carrows and its sister chain Coco's Bakery Restaurants were purchased by Advantica Restaurant Group in 1996. In 2002 they were acquired by Catalina Restaurant Group, Inc.[2]

In California, Carrows/Coco's Bakery competes directly with Marie Callender's and Bakers Square restaurants.

In 2006, Catalina Restaurant Group was bought by Japanese company Zensho Co., Ltd., which has operated Coco's Japan for many years.[3]

In 2015, Food Management Partners acquired Catalina Restaurant Group Inc., (parent of Coco’s and Carrows).

As of 2017 the chain has 12 locations according to the company's website.


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