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Genre Children's telenovela
Created by Abel Santa Cruz
Written by Claudia Esther O'Brien
Lei Quintana
Valeria Phillips
Verónica Pimstein
Dolores Ortega
Gabriela Ortigoza
Lourdes Barrios
Directed by Pedro Damián
Juan Carlos Múñoz
Víctor Hugo Saldierna
Starring Gabriela Rivero
Armando Calvo
Ludwika Paleta
Pedro Javier Vivero
Augusto Benedico
Hilda Chávez
Odiseo Bichir
Theme music composer José Antonio "Potro" Farías
Opening theme Carrusel de niños by Astrid Morales, Jessica Morales and the cast's children
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 358
Executive producer(s) Valentín Pimstein
Producer(s) Angelli Nesma Medina
Verónica Pimstein
Salvador Mejía
Cinematography Albino Corrales
Running time 21-22 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release January 16, 1989 – June 1, 1990
Preceded by Nuevo amanecer
Followed by Cenizas y diamantes
Related shows Carrusel de las Américas (1992)
¡Vivan los niños! (2002)
Carrossel (2012)

Carrusel (Spanish pronunciation: [karuˈsel]) is a Mexican children's telenovela produced by Valentín Pimstein for Televisa in 1989.[1] It's based on the Argentinean character Jacinta Pichimahuida (first televised in 1966), and produced by and broadcast on Televisa in 1989. It covers daily life in a Mexican elementary school and the children's relationships with a charismatic teacher named Ximena. Among other plot devices, it deals with the differences between the upper and lower classes of Mexican society — specifically as seen in a romantic relationship between Cirilo, a poor black boy, and a spoiled rich girl, Maria Joaquina Villaseñor.

Gabriela Rivero starred as main protagonist, while Janet Ruiz and Beatriz Moreno starred as main antagonists. Ludwika Paleta, Pedro Javier Viveros, Hilda Chávez, Flor Eduarda Gurrola, Joseph Birch, Abraham Pons, Mauricio Armando, Gabriel Castañon, Yoshiki Taquiguchi, Manuel Fernández, Karin Nisembaum and Silvia Guzmán starred as stellar performances.


The story begins with the daily lives of a group of schoolchildren from a Mexican primary school ("Escuela Mundial") and the relations of the latter with their teacher, the teacher Ximena. In the novel, several issues about life, while stressing values such as love, trust and friendship touched.

The character of school[edit]

  • Teacher Ximena Fernández is like the embodiment of all that is good. She was a teacher, friend and mother to their students. Of friendliness and enormous patience, the teacher was loved by all.
  • Cirilo Rivera it is a good boy, and the only black child classroom. He is the son of a humble carpenter and a housewife who worship him to the utmost.
  • María Joaquina Villaseñor it's a rich girl, daughter of a renowned and prestigious physician (Dr. Miguel Villaseñor). Beautiful, selfish, overlooked colleagues, but eventually learns to value the important things in life.
  • Laura Quiñones is a fat spread and romantic girl. she spent the day with a big sandwich in hand, and never missed an opportunity to let go a sigh and say, That's so romantic, or else, you are very anti-Romantic.
  • Kokimoto Mishima he is a child of Japanese origin and the only East race at school. Always with his karate belt tied around his head, he was one of the henchmen bodyguard Pablo Guerra in the early chapters and later was replaced on paper right arm by Mario Pablo Ayala. His sentence was characteristic: yyyaaaaa yyyyaaaaaa!!! (Battle cry used by karate).
  • Bibi Smith she is a girl of American origin, "the gringo group" is a polite and gentle, very friendly girl Valeria, Carmen, Alicia, Laura, Maria Joaquina, etc. She speaks Spanish imperfectly, since it also speaks English.
  • David Rovinovich is a Jewish student, angelic face and curly blond hair. Little David wastes no time with the girls, coming to fall in love with Valeria, one of her classmates.
  • Valeria Ferrer it is the girlfriend of David Robinovich. It is a cheerful girl and joker character helps others but can not help joking, but not heavy as does Pablo Guerra.
  • Jaime Palillo is a robust and stocky, rough and clumsy child, but also very brave to come forward and defend his friends, especially Cirilo. His biggest complication is the school subjects. It's low profile in studies but after all does get some recognition.
  • Pablo Guerra is the naughty boy of the class, but often his jokes go too far, used to annoy his sister Marcelina and make jokes Cirilo advantage of their naivete and realizing you jokes like selling an ointment to be white or a ball Pele's face was falsified.
  • Marcelina Guerra it's a sister of Pablo and his counterpart at once sweet and nice person. You have to live with the torment that Pablo is constantly annoying, but also wants it. The number of times you are upset and happy, loves it as it is. It is also upset with his brother when he says stupid things.
  • Pedro Simishikis he is the cousin of Maria Joaquina that only occurs on the birthday of Maria Joaquina.
  • Daniel Zapata It is one of the top students in the class and the leader of the Patrulla Salvadora. It is regarded by all as a good friend and a good leader.
  • Carmen Carrillo a noble, kind and loving girl who has to endure the difficult situation faced by their parents every day to achieve succeed at home, plus she affection of his peers at school is earned and is excellent in his notes.
  • Jorge del Salto it is a rich kid, smug and pampered by his mother who thinks he is superior to all children by their economic status, having empathy alone with Maria Joaquina, who is the only one who believes in its class.
  • Mario Ayala is a child of humble living with his father and stepmother, the latter an abusive woman who lives tormenting Mario because he does not consider his son, the first coming to school, he responds badly to teacher Ximena which leaves the room crying, this causes it to be severely punished by their peers, later becomes the right arm of Pablo Guerra with which plan several heavy for especially realize them Cirilo jokes.
  • Alicia Guzmán is another of the girls attending the second year of teacher Ximena, being very fond of all the girls in the classroom, sharing many adventures with them once, suffering from an attack of appendicitis making be operated urgency by the father of Maria Joaquina.
  • Margarita Garza she is a native girl Monterrey that can live to Mexico City with his mother, a distinctive characteristic, wearing a different uniform to the school children in Mexico City (He wore the uniform of the headquarters of the Escuela Mundial of Monterrey) with jacket and cowboy boots.
  • Clementina Suárez was a child who initially was in the second year of teacher Ximena, but had to drop out of school because their parents suffered a traffic accident and were hospitalized in Guadalajara.


The children

  • Ludwika Paleta as María Joaquina Villaseñor
  • Pedro Javier Vivero as Cirilo Rivera
  • Johan Sierra as Pedro Simishikis
  • Joseph Birch as David Ravinovich
  • Gabriel Castañón as Mario Ayala
  • Hilda Chávez as Laura Quiñones
  • Manuel Fernández as Adrián García
  • Rosario Zúñiga as Marcelina Guerra
  • Flor Edwarda Gurrola as Carmen Carrillo
  • Silvia Guzmán as Alicia Guzmán
  • Jorge Granillo as Jaime Palillo
  • Kristel Klitbo as Valeria Ferrer
  • Ramón Valdez Urtiz as Abelardo Cruz
  • Mauricio Armando as Pablo Guerra
  • Karin Nisembaum as Bibi Smith
  • Abraham Pons as Daniel Zapata
  • Yoshiki Takiguchi as Kokimoto Mishima
  • Rafael Omar as Jorge del Salto
  • Erika Garza as Clementina Suárez

The adults

  • Gabriela Rivero as Teacher Ximena Fernández
  • Augusto Benedico as Don Fermín #1
  • Armando Calvo as Don Fermín #2
  • Odiseo Bichir as Federico Carrillo
  • Rebeca Manríquez as Inés de Carrillo
  • Johnny Laboriel as José Rivera
  • Verónica con K. as Belen de Rivera
  • Arturo García Tenorio as Ramón Palillo
  • Adriana Laffan as Luisa de Palillo
  • Álvaro Cerviño as Dr. Miguel Villaseñor
  • Karen Sentíes as Clara de Villaseñor #1
  • Kenia Gascón as Clara de Villaseñor #2
  • David Ostrosky as Isaac Ravinovich
  • Gerardo Paz as Samuel Muñoz
  • Rossana Cesarman as Rebeca de Ravinovich
  • Beatriz Moreno as Directora Felicia Orraca
  • Raquel Pankowsky as Teacher Matilde Mateuche
  • Alejandro Tommasi as Alberto del Salto
  • Cecilia Gabriela as Roxana de del Salto
  • Marcial Salinas as Germán Ayala
  • Beatriz Ornella as Natalia de Ayala
  • Oscar Narváez as Ricardo Ferrer
  • Bárbara Córcega as Elena de Ferrer
  • Ismael Larumbe as Roberto Guerra
  • Erika Magnus as Isabel de Guerra
  • Manuel Guízar as Sr. Marcos Morales
  • Yula Pozo as Juanita
  • Janet Ruiz as Teacher Susana
  • Pituka de Foronda as Sara Ravinovich
  • Blanca Torres as Toña
  • Ada Carrasco as Aunt Matilde
  • Queta Carrasco as Aunt Rosa
  • Ignacio Retes as Sr. Ortiz
  • Tony Carbajal as Elías
  • Lupita Sandoval as Dorotea


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1990 8th TVyNovelas Awards Best Actress Child Ludwika Paleta Won
Best Actor Child Jorge Granillo

International Broadcasters of Carrusel[edit]

North & South America, Caribbean
Europe & Asia
  •  Greece
  •  Ukraine
  •  Turkey
  •  South Korea: Carrusel was renamed to Harmony of Angels 천사들의 합창 (Korean name). It was broadcast on KBS 2 in 1990 and 1991. It was dubbed since most of audience were young kids. It was a very popular drama in South Korea.

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