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Industry Software & Finance
Founded 2007 [1]
Headquarters Zug, Switzerland
Key people

Christian Erlandson, CEO

Lars Tvede, Co-Founder
Products CarryQuote Mobile Wealth, CarryQuote Mobile Research, CarryQuote Mobile Media, CarryQuote Enterprise CNBC Edition
Slogan Stay Connected

CarryQuote (or CarryQuote AG) was a privately held company that provided high-end private label mobile applications to the financial services, media and market data industries. Founded in 2007, CarryQuote was headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Hong Kong. In late 2012, CarryQuote ceased operations after failing to raise sufficient financing to continue operations.


  • CarryQuote Mobile Wealth
  • CarryQuote Mobile Research
  • CarryQuote Mobile Media
  • CarryQuote Enterprise CNBC Edition[2]

Partners and Collaboration[edit]


On December 14, 2010, CNBC and CarryQuote announced a development and marketing collaboration that resulted in the release of CNBC PRO, a mobile and desktop financial application for individual investors.[3]

CNBC PRO provides its subscribers with real-time financial data from more than 100 stock exchanges worldwide, plus CNBC news and streaming video.[4] For the introductory price of $24.99 per month, or $269 per year, a user can access this information from his or her computer or BlackBerry, with access from iPhone, iPad, and Android to follow in 2011.[5]

In December 2010, CNBC migrated its 16,000 users of CNBCplus to CNBC PRO.[6]

Awards and recognition[edit]

CarryQuote was named a winner of the 2008 Global 100 list by Red Herring (magazine)[7]

CarryQuote was named a winner of the 12th annual IMD Startup Competition in December 2009.[8]

CarryQuote received a Bully Award in 2010 from White Bull.[9]

CarryQuote received a Bully Award in 2011 from White Bull.[10]

CarryQuote received a Bully Award in 2011 from White Bull.[10]

CarryQuote CarryQuote Shortlisted for 2012 FStech Most Innovative Product of the Year Award.[11]

CarryQuote named a finalist in the Global Corporate Venturing Tech Scout Challenge.[12]


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