Carry On (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album)

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Carry On
Crosby Stills Nash Carry On.jpg
Compilation album by Crosby, Stills & Nash
Released December 2, 1991
Recorded 1968 - 1991
Genre Folk rock
Label Atlantic
Producer Graham Nash, Gerry Tolman
Crosby, Stills & Nash chronology
Carry On
After the Storm
(1994)After the Storm1994
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Carry On is the twelfth studio album by Crosby, Stills & Nash, issued on Atlantic Records in 1991, generally for the European and Australian markets (and not to be confused with the Stephen Stills box set released in 2013). It is a two-disc sampler of their four-disc box set, CSN, released two months previously in the United States and the United Kingdom. It features material spanning 1968 through 1990 from their catalogue of recordings as a group in addition to selections from Crosby & Nash, Manassas, and their individual solo albums. It was reissued on 30 June 1998 on the WEA International record label.


Where the box set is a more comprehensive overview, this one focuses on previously unreleased tracks, hits, and favorites. Of its 36 tracks, 13 had been unreleased previously, and nine contain all of the group's Top 40 hits from the Billboard Hot 100. The group's some-time partner Neil Young appears on eight tracks, including his own songs "Helpless" and "Ohio." The previously-unreleased material includes studio recordings by the full quartet of "Helplessly Hoping" (originally released by the trio), "Taken At All" (originally by Crosby & Nash), and "The Lee Shore" (previously available only live).[2] The set also includes both the demo of "You Don't Have to Cry," the first recording they made as Crosby, Stills & Nash, and the three tracks from their most recent studio album as of 1991 that are also on the box set.

The original recordings were produced David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young, with assistance from Howard Albert, Ron Albert, Stanley Johnston, and Paul Rothchild. Audio engineers on the original recordings include Stephen Barncard, Larry Cox, Russ Gary, Don Gooch, Steve Gursky, Bill Halverson, David Hassinger, Andy Johns, and Jim Mitchell. The original masters were recorded at the following studios: Devonshire Sound Studio, Wally Heider Studios, The Record Plant, Rudy Recorders, the Sound Lab, Sunset Sound, Sunwest Studio, and Village Recorders in Los Angeles; United Studio in Hollywood; The Record Plant in New York City; Wally Heider Studios, His Master's Wheels, and Rudy Recorders in San Francisco; Criteria Sound Studios in Miami; Island Studios in London; and Stephen Stills' late 1960s home in Laurel Canyon. The selections were compiled for this set by Crosby, Stills, Nash, Gerry Tolman, and Yves Beauvais, with additional research by Joel Bernstein.

Track listing[edit]

An asterisk (*) indicates a live recording, two asterisks (**) a previously unreleased mix, (†) a previously unreleased version, and (‡) a previously unreleased song.

Disc one[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Artist; Recording date Length
1. "Woodstock" Joni Mitchell CSNY; November 5, 1969 ** 3:50
2. "Marrakesh Express" (from Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1969) Graham Nash CSN; early 1969 2:36
3. "You Don't Have to Cry" Stephen Stills CSN; December 1968 † 2:40
4. "Teach Your Children" (from Déjà Vu, 1970) Nash CSNY; October 24, 1969 2:52
5. "Love the One You're With" (from Stephen Stills (Stephen Stills), 1970) Stills Stills; March 1970 3:03
6. "Almost Cut My Hair" David Crosby CSNY; January 8, 1970 † 8:49
7. "Wooden Ships" (from Crosby, Stills & Nash) Crosby, Paul Kantner, Stills CSN; February 20, 1969 5:26
8. "Dark Star" (from Allies, 1983) Stills CSN; December 5, 1982 * 4:57
9. "Helpless" (from Déjà Vu) Neil Young CSNY; November 17, 1969 3:36
10. "Chicago/We Can Change the World" (from Songs for Beginners (Graham Nash), 1971) Nash Nash; February 28, 1971 3:58
11. "Cathedral" (from CSN, 1977) Nash CSN; January 22, 1977 5:16
12. "4+20" Stills CSNY; July 16, 1969 ** 2:10
13. "Our House" (from Déjà Vu) Nash CSNY; November 5, 1969 2:58
14. "To the Last Whale..." (from Wind on the Water (Crosby & Nash), 1975) Crosby, Nash Crosby & Nash; May 11 & July 1, 1975 5:30
15. "Change Partners" (from Stephen Stills 2 (Stephen Stills), 1971) Stills Stills; early 1971 3:13
16. "Just a Song Before I Go" (from CSN) Nash CSN; December 19, 1976 2:12
17. "Ohio" (Non-album single, 1970) Young CSNY; May 21, 1970 3:00
18. "Wasted on the Way" (from Daylight Again, 1982) Nash CSN; January 30, 1981 2:46
19. "Southern Cross" (from Daylight Again) Stills CSN; Late 1981 4:39

Disc two[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Artist; Recording date Length
1. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" Stills CSN; arly 1969 ** 7:28
2. "Carry On/Questions" (from [Déjà Vu) Stills CSNY; December 28, 1969 4:25
3. "Horses Through a Rainstorm" Nash, Terry Reid CSNY; December 28, 1969 ‡ 3:40
4. "Johnny's Garden" (from Manassas (Manassas), 1972) Stills Manassas; January 8, 1972 2:46
5. "Guinnevere" Crosby Crosby; June 26, 1968 † 4:45
6. "Helplessly Hoping" Stills CSNY; June 15, 1969 † 2:31
7. "The Lee Shore" Crosby CSNY; December 28, 1969 † 5:28
8. "Taken At All" Nash, Crosby CSNY; April 1, 1976 † 2:54
9. "Shadow Captain" (from CSN) Crosby, Craig Doerge CSN; January 14, 1977 4:31
10. "As I Come of Age" Stills CSN; January 1981 † 2:48
11. "Drive My Car" Crosby Crosby; late 1978 † 3:50
12. "Dear Mr. Fantasy" Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood Stills and Nash; November 17, 1980 ‡ 7:04
13. "In My Dreams" (from CSN) Crosby CSN; January 12, 1977 5:11
14. "Yours and Mine" (from Live It Up, 1990) Crosby CSN; February 2, 1990 4:28
15. "Haven't We Lost Enough?" (from Live It Up) Stills, Kevin Cronin CSN; April 3, 1990 3:06
16. "After the Dolphin" (from Live It Up) Nash CSN; February 1, 1989 4:25
17. "Find the Cost of Freedom" (B-side of the "Ohio" single, 1970) Stills CSNY; May 21, 1970 1:59


Production personnel[edit]

  • Graham Nash, Gerry Tolman – producers
  • Stephen Barncard at Sunset Sound1991 mixes for unreleased material
  • Joe Gastwirt, John Modells at Ocean View Digital – digital remastering, July and August 1991
  • Joe Gastwirt at Ocean View Digital and John Nowland at Redwood Digital, San Francisco – analog-to-digital tape transfer, June and July 1991
  • Joe Gastwirt, John Nowland, Joel Bernstein – tape restoration