Carson Drew

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Carson Drew
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories character
First appearance The Secret of the Old Clock
Created by Edward Stratemeyer
Mildred Wirt Benson
Portrayed by William Schallert (The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries)
Tate Donovan (Nancy Drew (2007))
Nickname(s) Dad (Nancy)
Mister Drew (Hannah)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Lawyer
Family Eloise Drew (sister)
Nancy Drew (daughter)
Lena Drew (mother)

Currently none. His wife, Nancy's mother, died when Nancy was only three. But, it's to be believed that her first name was Katherine (shortened to "Kate") and that her maiden name was Austin.

Edna Gregory (1939) (ex-girlfriend)
Religion Catholic
Nationality American

Carson Drew is a fictional character in the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. He is Nancy's father, a widower, and is the most respected lawyer in River Heights (and is said to be one of the leading lawyers in the state he lives in). He's described as being a handsome man in his late forties, and has blue eyes like his daughter does. Since he's mentioned to be in his late forties, it can be assumed that he was most likely in his early thirties when he had Nancy (possibly his late twenties at the youngest).

He often enlists the help of his daughter for many of his cases, and he often assists her in many of her cases, offering guidance both professionally and as a father. Carson and Nancy are shown to be close and get along well, but in cinematic releases and in later books in the series, they argue more frequently (but are still close and get along well for the most part).

He also makes good use of his professional connections and privileges to help Nancy solve her cases. He frequently leaves Nancy to her sleuthing while he travels on business (throughout the book series, he frequently goes away on business trips). On numerous occasions, Nancy has had to save her father from danger, including several kidnappings. Mr. Drew is always proud of Nancy when she has solved, and finished a case.