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Carson Nugget
Carson Nugget Logo.png
Carson Nugget 3.jpg
Carson Nugget in 2009
Location Carson City, Nevada, U.S.
Address 507 North Carson Street (Casino)
800 North Carson Street (Hotel)
Opening dateMarch 1, 1954; 65 years ago (1954-03-01)
No. of rooms80
Total gaming space28,930 sq ft (2,688 m2)
Notable restaurantsAlatte Coffee & Wine
The Deli
OwnerAdams family
Coordinates39°10′00.6″N 119°45′59.3″W / 39.166833°N 119.766472°W / 39.166833; -119.766472Coordinates: 39°10′00.6″N 119°45′59.3″W / 39.166833°N 119.766472°W / 39.166833; -119.766472

Carson Nugget is a hotel and casino located in Carson City, Nevada.[1][2] Richard Graves opened the Carson City Nugget casino on March 1, 1954 and opened a second one in Sparks, Nevada on March 17, 1955. At that time the casinos were known as the Carson City Nugget and the Sparks Nugget.[3] The Carson City Nugget was one of Nevada's largest and most prosperous casinos when Graves sold it to Richard E. Pogue and Chester H. Armstrong in September 1956.[4] Graves kept the Sparks Nugget. After Pogue died, the Carson City Nugget was sold to a group of six purchasers for $525,000 in December 1958.[5] The group including three Adams brothers who would manage the casino. The Adams family no longer runs the Carson Nugget. The casino was sold in 2015 to Dean DiLullo, the CEO of M1 Gaming in Reno.[6] The casino and restaurants occupy nearly 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) and an 80-room hotel is located across North Carson Street.[7]


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