Carsten Podlesch

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Carsten Podlesch

Carsten Podlesch (born September 6, 1969, in Berlin) is a German stayer and the World Champion in motor-paced racing.


Podlesch comes from a family that has been very involved in motor-paced racing. His father, Rainer Podlesch, was an Amateur World Champion twice, and his uncle, Karsten Podlesch, used to operate as a pacer. Podlesch became a stayer at the age of 19. During his career that spanned almost four decades he gained the World Championship twice, European Championship trice, and the German Championship thirteen times[1] making him one of the most successful motor-paced cyclists ever. With his uncle as pacer the Podlesch/Podlesch team gained the 2000 European Championship. In 1994 Podlesch won the last UCI World Championship with his pacer Dieter Durst - the UCI ceased conducting this event subsequently as too few nations were competing - and thus remains the reigning and "forever" champion.

Podlesch retired from motor-paced racing in 2008.

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