Cartavio, Peru

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Cartavio, Peru
Cartavio, Peru is located in Peru
Cartavio, Peru
Cartavio, Peru
Coordinates: 7°53′0″S 79°13′0″W / 7.88333°S 79.21667°W / -7.88333; -79.21667Coordinates: 7°53′0″S 79°13′0″W / 7.88333°S 79.21667°W / -7.88333; -79.21667
Country Peru
District Santiago de Cao
Province Ascope
 • Total 128.72 km2 (49.70 sq mi)
Highest elevation 116 m (381 ft)
Population (2002 Census)
 • Total 19,842

Cartavio belongs to the district of Santiago de Cao, Ascope Province, in the department of La Libertad in Peru. Its coastal location is north of Lima, at a latitude of 7°53'S and longitude of 79°13W and an altitude of 16m above sea level.

Sugar cane grows in the area and Cartavio has been home to the Cartavio Sugar Company since 1891. Once the site of rum production for Ron Cartavio (now produced in Perú), currently the sugar mill produces not only sugar but also up to 15 million litres of ethanol per year, which could be used by petroleum companies to replace the lead in petrol and thereby reducing the emissions of air pollutants.

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