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A cartel is a tight organization based on a formal agreement among commercial enterprises with conflicting interests.

Cartel may also refer to:

Various cartels[edit]

  • Cartel, adopted from Dutch language Kartel (electoral alliance), a public and formal electoral alliance between political parties (hence, cartel parties)
  • Cartel party theory, evaluates influences among state and political parties (hence, cartel parties)
  • Drug cartel, a drug trafficking organization (the article lists specific cartels)
  • State cartel theory, addresses international relations formed by states (hence, cartel states)


Groups and labels[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • The Cartel (2010), a documentary film by Bob Bowdon that covers the failures of public education in the United States by focusing on New Jersey
  • Galindo cartel, a cartel that figured largely in Sons of Anarchy (season 4)
  • Cartel (ship), a vessel engaged in a humanitarian voyage, such as the exchange of prisoners
  • The Cartel, a professional wrestling stable in the Global Wrestling Federation, in the 1990s

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