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In the British Isles a carter was a person who transported a load on a cart drawn by a beast of burden. It is important to note that a cart by definition has two wheels whereas a wagon(waggon) has four wheels and usually more than one beast of burden (a team), which sources the American connotation: teamster.

Carter may refer to:

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  • Carter (born 1970), professional name of American artist and film director, John Carter

In sports[edit]

  • Ali Carter (born 1979), English snooker player
  • Cris Carter (born 1965), American football wide receiver and analyst
  • Dan Carter, professional rugby player
  • Delone Carter (born 1987), American football running back
  • Dixie Carter, professional wrestling promoter, and current president of TNA
  • Duron Carter (born 1991), American wide receiver in both American and Canadian football; son of Cris
  • Ethan Carter III (born 1983), ring name of American professional wrestler Michael Hutter, currently working in TNA, and formerly known as Derrick Bateman in the WWE
  • Jimmy Carter (born 1965), English footballer
  • Vince Carter, professional basketball player, currently plays for Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA

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