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Carter BloodCare is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that operates in 56 Texas counties. Carter BloodCare is the surviving organization of the following: Wadley Institute of Medicine, Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank, Wadley Institute of Molecular Medicine, BloodCare, and Carter Blood Center. The Bedford campus is equipped to store, process, and test all blood components locally before distribution. The testing laboratory is operated by Creative Testing Solutions. [1]

Carter BloodCare is accredited by AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks) [2] , South Central Association of Blood Banks [3] , licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT Accredited) [4] and affiliated with America's Blood Centers.


In 1951, the J. K. & Susie L. Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank was chartered as a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas. The original location was at 3600 Gaston Avenue. The organization then moved to 9000 Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas and did business under several different names over the years. In 1957, Carter Blood Center was chartered as a nonprofit organization in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1968, the Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank registered the dba name of the Wadley Institutes of Molecular Medicine. In 1982, the Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank registared the dba name of the Cancer Center at Wadley and the Blood Center at Wadley 1989, the Granville C. Morton Hospital and Granville C. Morton Cancer and Research Hospital was formed as part of the Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank in addition the dba name of the Research Center at Wadley was registered. In 1993, the Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank changed names to BloodCare. In 1998, BloodCare merged with Carter Blood Center of Fort Worth creating Carter BloodCare with headquarters in Bedford, Texas (2205 Highway 121, Bedford, Texas 76021) In 2007, Carter BloodCare absorbed the Stewart Regional Blood Center in Tyler, Texas (Carter BloodCare became the surviving entity of Stewart Regional Blood Center). [5]


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