Carter Country

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Carter Country
Victor French Kene Holliday Carter Country.JPG
Victor French and Kene Holliday.
Genre Sitcom
Written by Douglas Arango
Phil Doran
David Garber
Kevin Hartigan
Barry Meadow
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Bud Yorkin
Starring Victor French
Kene Holliday
Richard Paul
Harvey Vernon
Barbara Cason
Vernee Watson
Composer(s) Pete Rugolo
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 44
Executive producer(s) Austin Kalish
Irma Kalish
Bernie Orenstein
Saul Turteltaub
Bud Yorkin
Producer(s) Douglas Arango
Running time 30 mins.
Production company(s) Turteltaub-Orenstein-Yorkin Productions (TOY)
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original network ABC
Audio format Monaural
Original release September 15, 1977 – August 23, 1979

Carter Country is an American television sitcom that ran from 1977 to 1979 on ABC.


Carter Country is set in the fictional small town of Clinton Corners in Georgia (presumably near the part of the state from which U.S. President Jimmy Carter hailed, thus the title) and features Victor French as police chief Roy Mobey and Kene Holliday as city-bred, college-educated, black Sergeant Curtis Baker.

It also features Richard Paul as Mayor Teddy Burnside, Harvey Vernon as racist officer Jasper DeWitt, and Barbara Cason as town employee Cloris Phebus. DeWitt was shown to be a member of the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan and he often made disparaging comments against minorities, but was still a loyal and honest law enforcement officer. In several episodes it is hinted that his racist attitude is an act and that he joined the KKK in order to keep an eye on their activities. Additional comic support was provided by Texas-born actor Guich Koock who played the part of goofy deputy Harley. Vernee Watson rounded out the cast as the mayor's educated secretary and a love interest for Baker. The plot centered around the stereotypical racism of the Deep South, and was often characterized as being an irreverent, comedic version of the movie In the Heat of the Night, especially with the aspect of an educated, African American man coming to the small town South to work as a police officer.[1]

The character of Mayor Burnside coined a minor catchphrase with his manic "Handle it, Roy, handle it!", used when delegating various details to Chief Mobey such as fixing a parking ticket. If Mobey protested or asked any further questions, Burnside would stifle further discussion with a dismissive hand gesture and a further "Handle it, handle it, handle it!"

Burnside often introduced himself to members of the public as "Teddy Burnside, your mayor by a landslide."

Episode titles[edit]

Season 1 (1977-1978)[edit]

22 episodes:

Title Original airdate
1 "Hail to the Chief" September 15, 1977
2 "Beating the Pounds" September 22, 1977
3 "Out of the Closet" September 29, 1977
4 "The Fireside Burnside Budget Chat" October 6, 1977
5 "Baker Buys a House (Part 1)" October 20, 1977
6 "Baker Buys a House (Part 2)" October 27, 1977
7 "Bye, Bye Baker" November 3, 1977
8 "Senior Citizen Siege" November 17, 1977
9 "Chicks and Turkeys" November 24, 1977
10 "Chief to Chief" December 1, 1977
11 "Union vs. the Confederacy" December 8, 1977
12 "A-Hunting We Will Go" December 15, 1977
13 "By the Light of the Moonlight" December 22, 1977
14 "The Physical" January 5, 1978
15 "Roy's Separation" January 12, 1978
16 "Red Armstrong, Goodbye" January 19, 1978
17 "Ballots for Burnside" January 26, 1978
18 "The Chief's Dressing Down" February 2, 1978
19 "All About Floyd" February 9, 1978
20 "Roy Pays His Taxes" February 23, 1978
21 "Roy's Encounter" May 9, 1978
22 "Baker Saves a Life" May 16, 1978

Season 2 (1978-1979)[edit]

22 episodes:

Title Original airdate
23 "One of Our Chiefs Is Missing" September 23, 1978
24 "The Tracy Report" September 30, 1978
25 "The Selling of the Mayor (Part 1)" October 21, 1978
26 "The Selling of the Mayor (Part 2)" October 28, 1978
27 "Poor Butterfly" November 11, 1978
28 "Gambler's Unanimous" November 25, 1978
29 "Roy Makes the Grade" December 2, 1978
30 "Hurricane Jasper" December 16, 1978
31 "Firing of a Harley" December 23, 1978
32 "Owed to Billy Joe" January 6, 1979
33 "The Russians Are Coming" January 13, 1979
34 "Happy Anniversary" March 29, 1979
35 "Teddy the Tiger" April 5, 1979
36 "New Kid in Town" April 12, 1979
37 "Baker's First Day" April 19, 1979
38 "The Last Dinosaur" April 26, 1979
39 "The Big Move (Part 1)" May 10, 1979
40 "The Big Move (Part 2)" May 17, 1979
41 "The Big Move (Part 3)" May 24, 1979
42 "Teddy's Folly" May 31, 1979
43 "The Prisoner of Clinton Corners" June 7, 1979
44 "The Abominable Showman" June 21, 1979


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