Carter Lake (Iowa–Nebraska)

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Carter Lake
Carter Lake, IA.jpg
Carter Lake, as viewed from Nebraska
Location Omaha, Nebraska / Carter Lake, Iowa, United States
Coordinates 41°18′6.8″N 95°54′53.7″W / 41.301889°N 95.914917°W / 41.301889; -95.914917Coordinates: 41°18′6.8″N 95°54′53.7″W / 41.301889°N 95.914917°W / 41.301889; -95.914917
Type oxbow lake
Basin countries United States
Average depth 6 ft (2 m)
Max. depth 11 ft (3 m)
Surface elevation 977 ft (298 m)
Settlements Carter Lake, Iowa
Omaha, Nebraska

Carter Lake is a shallow oxbow lake in Nebraska and Iowa, located next to Omaha and Carter Lake. Soon after its formation the lake was called the East Omaha Lake, and then Lake Nakoma.


Carter Lake is a former channel of the Missouri River and was formed in the summer of 1877. The city of Carter Lake, Iowa takes its name from the lake. The lake was formed from the Saratoga Bend in the Missouri River.

View of Eppley Airfield with Carter Lake visible to the right

The Saratoga Bend was the impetus for the creation of the town of Saratoga, Nebraska Territory, a short mile from the river. However, the Bend was cut off from the river after a flood in 1877. A beach resort with a large boathouse and two-story pavilion, a Rod and Gun Club, and a YMCA camp had all settled on the shores of Lake Nakoma by 1906.[1]

The Carter Lake and Levi Carter Park at 3100 Abbott Drive were named after one of Omaha's original industrialists named Levi Carter, who ran a white lead smelter in the area.

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