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The Ministry[edit]

Office Name Term
Northern Secretary The Lord Carteret 1742–1744
First Lord of the Treasury The Earl of Wilmington 1742–1743
Henry Pelham 1743–1744
Lord Chancellor The Lord Hardwicke 1742–1744
Lord Privy Seal The Lord Gower 1742–1743
The Earl of Cholmondeley 1743–1744
Lord President of the Council The Earl of Harrington 1742–1744
Southern Secretary The Duke of Newcastle 1742–1743
Chancellor of the Exchequer Samuel Sandys 1742–1743
Henry Pelham 1743–1744
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster The Earl of Cholmondeley 1742–1743
The Lord Edgcumbe 1743–1744
Master-General of the Ordnance The Duke of Montagu 1742–1743
First Lord of the Admiralty The Earl of Winchilsea 1742–1744
Paymaster of the Forces Henry Pelham 1742–1743
Thomas Winnington 1743–1744
  • Henry Pelham, who had been Paymaster of the Forces, became First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1743; he would continue to exercise those offices well into the next decade, as head of the first and second Pelham ministries.
Preceded by
Sixth Walpole ministry
Government of Great Britain
Succeeded by
First Pelham ministry