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University of Carthage
جامعة قرطاج
Université Tunis Carthage 1.jpg
Former names
Carthage 7 November University
Administrative staff
Olfa Benouda Sioud, Mme le Président

The University of Carthage (Arabic: جامعة قرطاج‎) is a university located in Tunis, Tunisia, and was founded in 1988.


Carthage University is formed by 21 institutions under single-supervision and 12 under joint-supervision. The first category is composed by:[1]

  • Faculty of Juridical, Political and Social Sciences, Tunis
  • Faculty of Sciences, Bizerte
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Nabeul
  • National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunis
  • Tunisia Polytechnic School
  • Higher School of Technology and Computer Science
  • Higher School of Statistics and Information Analysis
  • The Gammarth Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Film Studies
  • Bizerte Preparatory Engineering Institute
  • Institute of Advanced Business Studies, Carthage
  • National Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Mateur
  • Nabeul Preparatory Engineering Institute
  • Preparatory Institute for Scientific and Technical Studies, La Marsa
  • Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Nabeul
  • Higher Institute of Environment, Urbanism and Building Technologies
  • Higher Institute of Languages, Tunis
  • Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Science of Nabeul
  • Higher Institute of Sciences and Technology of Environment of Borj Cedria
  • Higher Institute of Business and Accountancy of Bizerte
  • National Engineering School of Bizerte

The second category contains basically:

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