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Cartoon Pizza
Animation studio
Industry Animation
Fate Bankruptcy (possibly)
Founded 2001
Founders Jim Jinkins
David Campbell
Defunct 2015 (possibly)
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee, USA (Formerly New York City)
Key people
Jim Jinkins (President)
David Campbell (Chief Executive Officer)
Jack Spillum (President - Animation Production)
Ellie Copeland (VP Finance and Operations)
Beldeen Fortunato (VP Administration)
Products Stanley
JoJo's Circus
Pinky Dinky Doo
various other shows
Owner Toshiba
Subsidiaries Cartoon Cola
Cartoon Candy

Cartoon Pizza was an animation company located in Nashville. It was co-founded by Jim Jinkins and David Campbell as the successor to Jinkins's former company, Jumbo Pictures, Inc. Cartoon Pizza's logo was a picture of a pizza with a dog-like nose and a face in front of a globe and under the logo is the company's slogan: "Worldwide Delivery."


In 2001, a year after Jim Jinkins' former company; Jumbo Pictures was closed by Disney, Jinkins and David Campbell formed the independent production company, Cartoon Pizza to succeed Jumbo Pictures. With Jinkins helming the position as president, Campbell as CEO, Jack Spillum as the president of animated productions, Ellie Copeland as the vice president of finances and operations, and Beldeen Fortunato as the vice president of administration.[1] A hallmark of both Jumbo Pictures and Cartoon Pizza has been their commitment to the continued use of hand-painted cel animation at a time when animated series are increasingly produced using digital ink and paint. The studio has partnered with several studios to help produce their shows, including; Disney, Sesame Workshop, and Cuppa Coffee Studios. The studio was formerly headquartered in New York City until 2009, when the company relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.[2][3]

Among their most notable products are JoJo's Circus, Pinky Dinky Doo, Stanley, and the direct-to-DVD film based on it, Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up (It was also the company's only feature film). The company also produced Feeling Good with JoJo, the Global Thingy shorts for Sesame Street, Monster Monster Trucks, and HoopDogz; a Christian home video series. At the time of its release, HoopDogz was heavily promoted through the Cartoon Pizza website.[4]

As of 2015, it is believed that the company is now defunct, due to the website disappearing. However, it is archived in the Wayback Machine. Neither Jinkins or Campbell have commented on whether the company is still in business or not.





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