Carus and The True Believers

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Carus and The True Believers
Origin Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genres Reggae/Country/Folk
Years active 1995–present
Labels Independent, MGM Distribution
Website Official website
Members Carus Thompson (vocals, Guitar)
Jason McGann (drums, Piano, vocals)
John Bedggood (Violin, Piano, Mandolin, Vocals)
Mathieu Lucas (Bass)

Carus and The True Believers are an Australian folk/country/roots/reggae band based in Melbourne, Australia. The band which was formed in 1995 has since risen to national prominence as a major band on the new roots-folk scene and are beginning to develop a loyal fan base in Europe and North America. The band has released three studio albums, one live album and three EPs, their latest release is Three Boxes.


Early days[edit]

The band was formed in 1995, when the 18-year-old front man, Carus Thompson began playing on the Perth pub circuit, often playing as many as four or five nights a week. Carus quickly built a name for himself by supporting local acts such as Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything), Ed Kuepper and Neil Murray. In 2000 Carus released his first EP, the self-titled EP attracted the attention of many similar musical acts and Carus soon found himself touring with the likes of Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio and The Waifs. With the release of their second EP in 2002, Mind's Eye, Carus and The True Believers had established themselves as a prominent Australian band and so began work on their first album, Songs from Martin St.


Riding on the success of extensive touring in 2002, Carus with Paul Keenan (who later joined Australian band Eskimo Joe) on drums and Noel Manyam on bass guitar released the Carus's first studio album in February 2003, Songs from Martin St. The album which boasts an eclectic mix of rock, reggae and folk stylings reached number 18 on the Australian Independent Records chart. The album established the band as a leading group in the new roots-folk scene along with similar artists such as John Butler Trio and The Waifs. The release of the album was followed by extensive national touring and a tour of Europe. Carus recorded a solo performance titled, Live at the Norfolk in October 2003 which is one of his most popular releases. With Paul Keenen leaving Carus & the True Believers to drum for Australian rock band Eskimo Joe, Carus recruited old friend Jason McGann who had previously drummed for The John Butler Trio. In April 2004, Long Nights are Gone, the second album by Carus & the True Believers was recorded in one day in Fremantle with half the songs written and recorded on the same day. Recorded in Carus's parents bedroom, Long Nights Are Gone depicts the process of writing & recording on the fly. In 2006, Long Nights Are Gone was edited for the German market, combined with the EP The Breakdown and repackaged. In Australia, the album managed to further boost the prominence of the band with the single, "Ain't no Crime" taking out the number 1 spot on Triple J's Net 50. With another lineup change, after Long Nights Are Gone, Andy Fry replaced Noel Manyam on bass. Andy Fry also played Bass for The John Butler Trio.


The band released their third studio album, Three Boxes, in May, 2007 in Australia, Britain and Germany.

Carus has since released two albums under his name Carus Thompson - 'Creature of Habit' in 2009, and 'Caravan' in 2011. He continues touring.



  • Carus Thompson: Vocals, Guitar
  • Jason McGann: Drums, Vocals, Piano, Lapsteel
  • John Bedggood: Violin, Piano & Mandolin, Vocals
  • Mathieu Lucas: Electric & Double Bass

John Bedggood has also played on Bernard Fanning on his solo album, Tea and Sympathy and performed as part of the backing band on the album promotional tour.


  • Andy Fry: Bass
  • Paul Keenan: Drums
  • Noel Manyam: Bass
  • Mo Wilson: Keyboards
  • Ben Leahy: Ukulele




  • Long Nights Are Gone - Independent (2004)
  • Three Boxes - Independent (2007)


  • The Breakdown (2005)