Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre

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Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre
Poster of Carved 2.jpg
Film poster
Directed byKotaro Terauchi
Written byKotaro Terauchi
Yoshitsugu Sagami
Carolco (as Karoruko)
Produced byTakafumi Ohashi
StarringRin Asuka
Yukie Kawamura
Mayuko Iwasa
Music bySatō Taka
Jolly Roger
Earl Grey Film
Kadokawa Picture Gold
TC Entertainment
Tornado Film
Distributed byJollyRoger
Innoform Media
Release date
  • March 22, 2008 (2008-03-22) (Japan)
Running time
98 minutes

Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre (口裂け女2, Kuchisake-onna 2) is a 2008 Japanese horror film. It is the sequel to the movie Carved. It was released on March 22, 2008, and was directed by Kotaro Terauchi. It is based on a legend and some actual events that occurred in Japan. It deals with the origins of the Slit-Mouthed Woman.

Sixteen-year-old actress Rin Asuka takes the lead as high school girl Mayumi, whose face is disfigured by an attack with sulfuric acid. As more unfortunate events occur, it eventually leads her to becoming a supernatural mass murderer.[1][2]


In 1978, Mayumi Sawada lives a good life in a small town in Gifu, where her family runs a successful farming business. Her older sister Sachiko is about to be married, and her other sister Yukie runs a hair salon. Mayumi also becomes friends with her crush, Seiji Moriyama. A few days before he leaves for college in Tokyo, Seiji takes Mayumi to a pretty area with a view of the whole town, where he gives Mayumi a button from his gakuran jacket, telling her that he wants her to have it. However, one night, while Sachiko and Yukie are visiting Tokyo, Mayumi decides to sleep in Sachiko's room. Sachiko's ex-boyfriend breaks into the house, enters Sachiko's room, and pours sulfuric acid on Mayumi's face, thinking it was Sachiko lying in the bed. He then kills Mayumi's mother before being shot dead by her father. Mayumi survives the ordeal, but is left severely disfigured due to the sulfuric acid.

As she is recovering in hospital, Mayumi receives a phone call from Seiji, who asks if he can come see her. Mayumi declines, not wanting him to see her face. They agree to write letters to each other after he leaves. Upon her return to school, other students spread rumors about Mayumi and call her a "mutant girl" since she covers her face with a cloth mask. One day, Mayumi notices a woman in a red coat standing outside her house, who disappears. Things become worse when her father commits suicide as a way of saving the family's debts with his life insurance. Due to the rumors surrounding Mayumi, her friends Kaoru and Junko begin to distance themselves from her. In Tokyo, Seiji begins seeing a girlfriend and stops writing to Mayumi. Mayumi continuously sees the woman in the red coat, which frightens her.

Soon afterward, Kaoru and Junko are reported killed by a woman wielding a pair of scissors. Mayumi sees Seiji at their funeral, and arranges to meet with him one last time the following morning. At their meeting, Seiji tells Mayumi that he only gave her the button because Junko asked him to, and that he's always seen her as a little sister. She angrily assumes the real reason is because of her disfigurement. Seiji reluctantly tells Mayumi that he's seeing someone else. On the walk back, he ignores Mayumi before he is ambushed and stabbed to death by the red coated woman. As a blood-covered Mayumi frantically washes a pair of bloody scissors, it is revealed that the red coat woman is in fact Mayumi's murderous alter ego; she not only killed Seiji, but Kaoru and Junko as well.

With Mayumi's odd behavior and her connections with the murders, Yukie becomes suspicious of her. She searches Mayumi's room and discovers the bloody dress she had worn when she met up with Seiji. She informs Sachiko of the discovery. Mayumi realizes that her secret has been uncovered. At breakfast, Mayumi hides the scissors behind her, and unmasks herself before taking a drink of her orange juice. However, Sachiko has poisoned her drink. Mayumi coughs up blood and eventually dies, after which Sachiko places a trench coat over her body; Yukie reluctantly helps her clean up the scene. The two sisters bury Mayumi out in the woods. However, Mayumi somehow returns from the grave and kills both sisters. Before falling, Mayumi asks Sachiko, "Am I... pretty...?"

As it begins to rain, Mayumi looks up at the sky. A young boy looks at her in horror. She stares back at him for a moment before going after him with an abnormally crazed face. After the movie's ending, it is revealed that Mayumi has killed 13 people and injured 53 before disappearing.



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