Carvel Rock (British Virgin Islands)

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Carvel Rock.
An aerial view showing Carvel Rock between Ginger Island and Cooper Island

Carvel Rock 18°22′23″N 64°29′19″W / 18.372929°N 64.488524°W / 18.372929; -64.488524 is an uninhabited islet of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, less than 2 acres (8,100 m2) in size. It lies at the southern edge of the archipelago, south of and roughly between Ginger Island and Cooper Island.

The waters around it are a scuba diving site, but its sheer cliffs and lack of a beach make landing practically impossible.[1][2][3]


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Coordinates: 18°21′51″N 64°47′45″W / 18.36418°N 64.795758°W / 18.36418; -64.795758