Carving a Statue

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Carving a Statue is a 1964 three-act play by Graham Greene. Set in a studio in South London, the play revolves around the relationship between a father and his son. The father obsesses over his carving of a large stone statue of God – which has been in progress for sixteen years. The son continuously fails to connect with his father, and attempts to bring girls into the studio and start a relationship.


  • The Father
  • His Son
  • The First Girl
  • The Second Girl
  • Dr Parker


Carving a Statue was first produced by Peter Wood on 17 September 1964 at the Haymarket Theatre, London. The cast consisted of; Ralph Richardson as The Father, Dennis Waterman as His Son, Barbara Ferris as The First Girl, Jane Birkin as The Second Girl and Roland Culver as Dr Parker. [1]

Graham Greene On Carving a Statue[edit]

"Never before have I known a play like this one so tormenting to write or so fatiguing in production. I am grateful to the reviewers who may have a little accelerated the end. At the age of sixty there is no reason to work, except to earn a living or to have 'fun'. This play was never fun and I earn my living in another field". [2]


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