Casa Condominio Residenza

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Casa Condominio Residenza
Tower on Charles Street.jpg
CASA in January 2010
General information
Location33 Charles Street East
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 0A2
Coordinates43°40′08″N 79°23′04″W / 43.668767°N 79.384572°W / 43.668767; -79.384572Coordinates: 43°40′08″N 79°23′04″W / 43.668767°N 79.384572°W / 43.668767; -79.384572
InauguratedMarch 22, 2010
Antenna spire138 m (453 ft)
Technical details
Floor count46 (topped out as of September 2009)
Design and construction
DeveloperCresford Developments

Casa Condominio Residenza, or The CASA, is a high-rise condominium building at 33 Charles Street East near the intersection of Bloor Street and Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1][2] It features a New Modernist design by architectsAlliance emphasizing glass curtain wall, with balconies wrapped around the building from the podium to the top. An overhanging concrete slab concludes the design at the roof of the final floor. It is lit from underneath at night. The balconies themselves have transparent glazed balustrades, and the podium's main facade facing Charles Street also makes use of glass curtain wall extensively, framed with black brick.

On January 13, 2006, The Globe and Mail reported that in November, 2005, the Casa was one of the three condos with the greatest units sold—81 units.[3]

Residents took occupancy in October 2008.[4][5][6]

On February 15, 2013, Sydnia Yu, The Globe and Mail's real estate correspondent, profiled one of the building's recently sold penthouse suites.[7] The suite sold for $2 million.

On February 26, 2015, Metro News described the building as "one of the first towers to transform the South Bloor East cityscape."[8] A second tower of 56 floors was completed nearby in 2016, and called Casa II.[9] A third tower, Casa III, completed in 2018,[10] was described by Metro News as "a prominent milestone that will be clearly seen from Yonge Street."[8]


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