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Coordinates: 22°12′01.1″N 113°32′23.6″E / 22.200306°N 113.539889°E / 22.200306; 113.539889

Casa Garden

The Casa Garden (Chinese: 東方基金會會址) is a small parkette located in Santo António, Macau, China. The area is the headquarters of the Macau delegation of the Orient Foundation.[1]


Built in 1770, the park was originally the residence of a wealthy Portuguese merchant Manuel Pereira. At a later period, it was rented out to the English East India Company and was used to house the directors of the Macau branch of the company. In 2005, it was officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macau. Nowadays it is a cultural centre, which promotes a cross between Portuguese and Macau/Chinese art. In 2014 Sofia Areal had an exhibition in Casa Garden after a monthly residence in Macau.[2] Coupled with an exhibition in Lisbon in 2015 in Museum of the Orient.[3]


The park contains the old residence, Old Protestant Cemetery and an art gallery.

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